It Came After A Tax Increase

Tim Pawlenty's vision for the Republican Path to Poverty achieves some of it's fantastical feats by assuming an economic growth rate of 5% for 10 years straight. An inconceivable period of prosperity which would be magically set into motion by his firesale of tax cuts.

As Chris Wallace -- of Fox News -- pointed out today on Fox News Sunday, it isn't realistic to expect that kind of consecutive growth, and the only instances of achieving 5% growth on record followed tax increases!

PAWLENTY: We have achieved 5 percent growth twice in the recent history of this country. Once under Reagan, once under Clinton. Now was it sustained for 10 years in those circumstances? [...]

WALLACE: But governor, is it declinist to doubt the 5 percent number or is it just a realist to doubt the 5 percent number? You talk about the fact that for a few years in the 80s and a few years in the 90s that we did have average 5 percent growth – or close to it, it was 4 point something. But the fact is, the difference is, in both of those occasions that was coming directly out of a recession, not after a year, a year into a weak recovery. And actually, in both of those cases, it came after a tax increase, not a tax cut.

It's not as though the Republicans will let actual history get in the way while drafting the mythical documents they call a budget proposal, but I do appreciate someone calling out this kind of abject fantasy.

Question: Why does it seems like Wallace asks tougher questions these days than Gregory, Amanpour, and Stephanopoulos?

  • Curtis Robert Tyree

    The amazing thing is that you came close to praising Fox News for something. That’s the main take-away for me.

    But it does raise an enormous question, why won’t the media ask tough questions?
    1. Are they afraid the politicians won’t come back? I doubt it since the like to listen to themselves talk.
    2. Are they afraid of being labeled as biased? Since when is doing your job partisan?
    3. Are they afraid of the repercussions from their bosses?

    Wait, did I just ask substantive questions? Wow, that was easy. Maybe the Sunday news show people are just dumb?

    • JMAshby

      All of the above.