Jackass Of The Day

John Yoo, author of the "torture memos" and advocate of warrant-less wiretapping, criticizing President Obama's interpretation of the War Powers Act and our logistical involvement in Libya.

Just as the administration brushed aside the Constitution’s limits on the federal government’s powers over the domestic economy, so too it is ignoring a national security law it believes to be constitutional simply because it stands in the way of Democratic Party goals. [...]

Obama’s indefensible interpretation of the WPR is transparently driven by politics. … These decisions show an administration that treats the law cynically and manipulatively, to achieve purely political ends.

Because when seeking advise on the constitution, the legality of a president's decisions, and the politics of those decisions, the first person you want to turn to is the man responsible both for advising President Bush and Dick Cheney that torture was legally acceptable, and that there was ample authority for illegal wire-tapping.

Of course I expect nothing less from the Daily Caller.

  • trgahan

    I think the point of this post, along with “Why Do The Republicans Hate America” is the obvious contradictions in the current national debate of the WPA and the true seriousness of the right’s objection. Even if Yoo is right, his previous job was to make things the previous administration did legal and create protections for those who ordered them done. He had no concern then about the greater good or rule of law; why have it now other than for pure party line political ideology?

  • Steven Skelton

    You criticize Yoo, but do you agree or disagree with his analysis? Is the president in violation of the WPR or not. Why?

    I think he is, but that’s not the point. You do a good job of Motherfucking Jon Yoo….but so what? You were so busy frothing about Yoo that you forgot to add anything meaningful to the conversation.

    Chez speaks highly of you…..I haven’t seen any reason why yet.

    • nicole

      Let me just make a wild guess that Chez does not speak highly of YOU.

      • Steven Skelton

        I don’t think I’m important enough to Chez that he thinks one way or the other about me.

    • Alex0001

      I think you’re missing the point. Woo has no business opening his mouth on this, of all subjects, whether he’s got a point or not (which, yes he does). It’s a complete Pot meet Kettle situation and he’s either totally dense or entirely arrogant to make such a point.

    • JMAshby

      I agree with the President and I resent the contrived outrage of both the far-left and far-right.

      Happy now?

      If you were a regular reader rather than a drive-by concern-troll, you probably would have known that or guessed that already.

      • Steven Skelton

        Being the new guy, I have a question.

        I get what you mean by drive by….but what is a “concern-troll?”

        • muselet


          See the link I provided above to find out why no one here takes John Yoo’s legal opinion seriously.


          • Steve Rice

            His post doesn’t fit that definition. His criticisms and questions were legitimate and on point.

  • muselet

    This comes, as Ryan J. Reilly at TPM reminds us, from someone who believes that the president has the inherent constitutional power to order a child’s testicles crushed or an entire village of resistants massacred.

    In a strange way, I’m relieved that there are some lines even John Yoo won’t cross.


  • holyreality

    At least he says, “Democratic” party.

  • Ken Johnson

    Fuck Yoo!

    • JMAshby

      I see what you did there.

      • Ken Johnson

        Just to be clear, I was saying “Fuck John Yoo”, not “Fuck Yoo, Ashby”. lol

        • Scopedog

          ‘S alright, Ken…I got it. And I cracked up and had a good chuckle. Thanks for that.

          And as for Yoo…jeez. Pot, meet the f**king teakettle.

      • Ken Johnson

        Wow. I never knew that was an internet meme. I had never seen it even though I’m surfing ALL DAMN DAY EVERY DAY! Then a few hours after you write that I see this on a sports blog. lol