Sarah Palin

Morning Awesome

Stephen Colbert on Sarah Palin's Paul Revere explanation. Easily one of the top 10 funniest Colbert segments of all time. The Eisenhower quote: "Hey Adolf, we're landing in Normandy. Here's a warning shot. Ding dong, you bastard!" The Alexander Hamilton Roy Rogers joke. And, of course, the "ride" at the end. Genius in every way.

  • muselet

    “I could not have said a random string of words better.” I am so stealing that.


  • Anne Tobin

    I laughed so hard at this segment, I almost needed my inhaler to fend off an asthma attack. Definitely a Top Ten contender!!!

  • Michael Schwartz

    The Roy Rogers quip was the best. Being a Jersey Boy in CA, I long for some good old memories like that. Also, loading the musket on the horse? Classic.

  • IrishGrrrl

    OMG, that was hysterical-I startled by baby who had just fallen asleep I laughed so loud. I tweeted the statement about Paul Revere needing a cup too. Sometimes Colbert is just brilliant.

  • David Lueck

    Greatness. Bob, how about a Neil Peart drum solo tomorrow in honor of him appearing on the Letterman show?

  • Chris

    “Ding, dong, ya bastard” made me have to clean my screen for coffee.

    Are we sure Revere rode a horse, btw?

    • IrishGrrrl

      Chris, yes, I am pretty sure. He was trying to be fast, discreet and had a lot of ground to cover at night. A horse would be the best way to do that back then.