'Obamacare' Taking Shape in Texas

I wonder when Texas is going to secede -- before or after they totally adopt the provisions of the president's healthcare reform law.

Meanwhile, despite Mr. Perry’s stated opposition to a federally-mandated health insurance exchange and the state’s participation in lawsuits aimed at overturning federal health reform, officials at the Texas Department of Insurance acknowledge that since last fall, with the help of a $1 million grant from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, they have been working quietly to plan for a health insurance exchange.

“We’ve been going full speed ahead on implementation, doing the due diligence so that we can be on time with what the law says,” said John Greeley, a spokesman for the agency.

Lucy Nashed, a spokeswoman for Mr. Perry, said the governor is aware of the grant, which she said is exploratory and does not require Texas to set up an exchange. While Mr. Perry prefers local solutions to Texas’ health care problems, Ms. Nashed said the governor remains hopeful the courts will overturn the federal health law. “The governor’s firm belief that Texans should be in charge of our health care programs is unchanged,” she said.

And I assure you, the wingnuttiest wingnuts will absolutely participate when they discover that the exchange premiums are more affordable, portable and attainable.

  • Sean Richardson

    Something I had read suggested that this is mainly because, if the don’t do it, and the federal law remains intact, the federal government will do what Texas refuses to do, so they’d rather do it on a state level than a federal level.

  • Brian C

    The GOP’s typical behavior has them saying one thing and doing another. Remember when “…jobs, jobs, jobs…” was Job #1 according to what passes for leadership in the GOP House?

    Nobody should be the least bit surprised. Hypocrisy seems to be a normal state for these people.

  • mrbrink

    When it comes to the uninsured, Texas ranks #1.

    Everything’s bigger in Texas, especially their number of uninsured!

    Rick Perry and Texas are camping out in the backyard and calling their electric s’mores roast– “rugged individualism.” You can’t use The Recovery Act to attack President Obama while using it to hide your deficits!

    You can’t claim “Obamacare” is the end of freedom, and use it to reform your states’ abomination of a system.

    Unless you’re a Republican.


  • Bob Olivarez

    We’ll see. But the hate for the president knows no bounds with the nutters. He could just about cut their taxes completely and they would still fight him every step of the way.
    Just my opinion.

    • Scopedog

      Actually, Bob, I’d say that you opinion is pretty much a fact.

      Just listen to talk radio (if you can stomach it), or check the comments of some internet sites.

      The problem is that the hate for Obama exists with nutters on either side. Sad, but true.