Ohio Republicans Hate Minimum Wage

They hate minimum wage so much, they intend to alter the state's constitution. Because minimum wage is just too much to pay someone for doing the worst of jobs.

Republicans in the Ohio State Senate are pushing to weaken a minimum wage law that was enshrined in the state's Constitution in 2006.

A provision in the Ohio Senate GOP's omnibus budget measure aims to raise the eligibility requirements for beneficiaries of the constitutional amendment establishing the state's minimum wage at $6.85 per hour, slated to rise annually alongside inflation. The state's minimum wage has since been higher than the federal minimum wage. [...]

By narrowing the parameters of the constitutional amendment, Ohio's Legislative Service Commission concludes that the bill "may result in fewer individuals subject to the minimum wage."

From my understanding such a measure would primarily target teenage workers by making it easier to pay them less money, which I suppose is the next best thing given the general popularity of child labor laws. We can't repeal those. Yet.

I don't believe it's a coincidence that this comes on the heels of Governor John Kasich's signing of legislation weakening the collective-bargaining rights of unions. If you weren't among the people upset by that legislative face-slapping, you should be, because they will come for you and yours next.

  • mrbrink

    The average CEO is making in one day what the average worker makes in a year.

    The minimum wage isn’t hurting concentrated wealth. Unethical adherence to greed is, on the other hand, rendering the minimum wage a holey umbrella in a shit storm of wealth disparity.

    And worker productivity is up(up and up since the Reagan 80’s), while labor costs are down, meaning it costs less to pay less for more!

    Productivity up! Labor costs down. What an interesting concept.

    You could say there are no calloused hands, only hearts and thoughts, as a result of squeezing the labor stones for every last drop of blood.

    But someone should remove the minimum wage, at once, at once! because corporations and CEOs do not have enough freedom and leverage over the average worker! and by repealing the minimum wage we shall empower the average worker!

    It’s all about empowering the average worker so the average worker can get a better deal, after all.

    • peonyharp

      You could say there are no calloused hands, only hearts and thoughts, as a result of squeezing the labor stones for every last drop of blood.

      Although the subject is quite depressing, your imagery makes it endurable.

      I’m a persistent fan of your postings, mrbrink.

  • holyreality

    Let’s tie the minimum wage to drug tests!

    If I had a business, I’d only hire prospective employees who tested positive for cannabis.

    • Robert Scalzi

      Are ou in he SF Bay Artea ?? I need a Job, and I’ll work for Blue Dream or Grand Daddy Purple ..LOL

  • Stephen Dean

    Why do you think teenage unemployment is 3 times the national average. It’s called minimum wage. You can’t force businesses to pay more than an employee’s output is worth – they just won’t hire them.

    • JMAshby

      Teenage unemployment is higher because the jobs usually occupied by teens are now being occupied by grandma and grandpa. Literally.

    • Christopher Stockslager

      Are you fucking crazy? I am 35, educated and fight to make the shit 16$ hr i currently make. No company wants to pay anybody 1$ an hour. They don’t want to be told where to dump their waste, they don’t want to suffer repercussions for any of their actions. So no, they don’t want to hire teens, when they can get a guy with a fucking MBA to flip their burgers. Corporate apologists can suck my well educated cock.

      • Stephen Dean

        “Corporate apologists” must be another term for people who understand basic economics. Fuck shit damn (just trying to fit in).

        • JMAshby

          Yeah, if only we eliminated the minimum wage, everyone would be employed! Lets eliminate all corporate taxes too, then everyone would be employed!

          Of course the problem is that lots of corporations pay no taxes already and aren’t hiring. Then theres the problem that we had full-employment under Clinton when both wages and taxes increased. 20 million jobs were created under Clinton, zero created under Bush. Eureka!

          If by “understand basic economics” you mean “is lead around by the nose by corporate overlords,” then yes.

          Hey maybe if we had some tort reform people would hire again. Oh wait, tort reform accounts for about 1% of costs.


          • Stephen Dean

            Did you really just have an entire argument with yourself and pretend like you were responding to me?

            And if corporations liked my politics they’d give a lot more money to Ron Paul, but they don’t, they give it to big government types. You accuse me of following ‘corporate overlords’ for the same reason kids might like Rebecca Black – it’s trendy, but still stupid.

          • JMAshby

            Oh, I get it now. Ron Paul.

            Maybe if we allowed segregation at private businesses again, there would be more jobs available for white people. Right?

            Your politics benefit them up until the point its time to actually nominate someone. Then they drop you like a bad habit. Is it fun being a lackey?

            And really, Rebecca Black? Trendy? You really don’t have a clue do you?

          • Stephen Dean

            I said why “kids” might like her. Because she got popular for how terrible kids’ pop music is. I could just as easily have said Miley Cirus, which is basically the same thing.

            And you’ve had too much coffee or something. You keep on creating arguments to argue against, that have nothing to do with anything I’ve said.

            Weird. You could be schizo I guess.

          • JMAshby

            Yeah, that could be it.

            It couldn’t possibly be the fact that libertarian Ron Paulites are all similarly delusional.

          • Bob Rutledge

            1) Paulites DELUSIONAL??? No way.

            2) Stephen, you’re wasting your time. Actually, please continue, as here you’re doing no harm, whereas out in the wide world you might hurt someone with your “I got mine, fuck all y’all” ethos.

            3) Just how narrow will the reply indent make this comment?

          • Stephen Dean

            That’s the smartest comment yet. Adieu.

    • i_a_c

      If you’re working a minimum wage (unskilled) job, certainly a business owner would rather hire a 40-year-old than a 17-year-old because of prior work experience. And since 40-year-olds are looking for work, too, they are the ones getting the lowest paying jobs over teenagers.

      But hey, let’s blame the minimum wage, because we’d all love an exploitable pool of workers that we pay next to nothing.

      I love the smell of sociopathic libertarians in the evening.

      • Stephen Dean

        Four decades ago a survey of American economists concluded 90% of them believed the minimum wage increased unemployment. The least skilled workers are always the ones affected, because they’re priced out of the market.

        It has nothing to do with current market conditions where more people are looking for work. It has to do with basic economics, where if you artificially set the price of something higher than it’s real value, people stop paying for it. Meaning employers stop hiring low-skilled workers.

        If you thought of things in terms of economics instead of “feelings” you might understand the way the world works.

        • Buffalodavid

          “Four decades ago a survey of American economists concluded 90% of them believed the minimum wage increased unemployment.”

          I for one would like to see these numbers. As I remember it, the problem was in the short term, while the long term resulted in growth.

        • Alex0001

          “If you thought of things in terms of economics instead of “feelings” you might understand the way the world works. ”

          And that right there just says it all. Government is NOT a business you heartless twat.

          • Stephen Dean

            Economics isn’t “business” you brainless xxxx. Economics is the study of the allocation of scarce resources with alternative uses. When scarce resources are best used, everyone benefits.

          • JMAshby

            If resources are “scarce” then why are record profits still being made?

            Resources aren’t scarce, they’re simply in the hands of the wrong people because just enough people like you are willing to play the role of apologist.

          • Stephen Dean

            Holy wow. You just stamped “dumb” on your forehead. Start reading

          • Alex0001

            Seriously, do you just not read what other people write or does it just go in and out of your brain so fast you can’t process it?

          • Stephen Dean

            Yes. I saw you equate “economics” to business and I saw JM deny basic definitions of economics. You both demonstrated you don’t know anything about economics. I read, understand, and laugh at your comments.

          • Alex0001

            I’ve got a link for you too.


            Funny enough, you’ve been equating business and economics in this thread the entire time. I have no doubt that any of us, including you understand the difference. The problem here is it’s all you understand. That “feeling” part? You have no concept or appreciation for.

          • JMAshby

            I didn’t deny anything.

            Maybe you should look at the context in which you have argued against the existence of minimum wage.

        • i_a_c

          The problem with your theory is that lowering or abolishing the minimum wage is no guarantee that any corporation will hire. Hiring additional people at next to nothing doesn’t do any good when there is no demand for your products. Hiring people for next to nothing doesn’t create any demand, either. All you get is an underclass of citizens who do work for enough pay to survive. And that’s what the goal is: creating an exploitable pool of workers who get paid China- or India-like wages.

          Another problem with your theory: not all businesses have the option of outsourcing when they don’t want to hire unskilled workers. That gives the largest corporations a significant competitive advantage. And that’s where my “feeling” comes into play. The larger the corporation, the more sociopathic. Instead of thinking of labor as human beings, they think of labor as a cost that should be minimized. Gotta keep churning out record profits and paying dividends.

          Good business decisions are not necessarily good human decisions. And yes, that’s me thinking with feeling, and that’s why I’m a Democrat, and that’s why Ron Paul sucks.

          • BuffaloBuckeye

            Yep, as long as there is no market for a companies products/services, no wage is low enough to hire employees.

            I’ve been in corporations of various sizes, I’d agree with your 2nd paragraph. And your 3rd paragraph.

        • mrbrink

          Removing the minimum wage would be removing the barriers for the inevitable race to the bottom. The minimum wage is a starting point so that individuals in the labor market have a minimal standard of protection from which to negotiate the value and compensation for their time and production.

          And lay off enough workers and the demand for jobs goes up, and with higher demand comes desperate, lower standards.

          There. Now you’ve just manipulated the U.S. labor market!

          Good times.

  • OsborneInk

    A hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance, Ashby.

    • JMAshby

      Fixed that for you!