Protecting Us from Robots

President Obama at the National Robotics Engineering Center at Carnegie Mellon University yesterday:

"I just met with folks from some cutting-edge companies and saw some of their inventions here in your National Robotics Engineering Center, but that's not the only reason I'm here," the president said. "You might not know this, but one of my responsibilities as commander in chief is to keep an eye on robots. And I'm pleased to report that the robots you manufacture here seem peaceful, at least for now."

Oh sure. They seem peaceful. They always do. But robots are strong and they eat old people's medicine for fuel.

  • Scopedog

    Aw, c’mon, folks–what, no one here’s ever heard of the Three Laws of Robotics?

    I mean…they can’t be THAT hard to program, can’t they? 8-)

  • bruce_webb

    I’d like to think that Obama comes up with these killing jokes on his own but somehow I think one or more of his speechmaking team has a future (or hell maybe a past-who know who is moonlighting) in stand-up. Though you can tell from his face on delivery that the President enjoys the hell out of them. And heck he is a young man, imagine a new show for the 2017 season: “Late Night with Barack Obama”. I would love to be the booking producer for THAT show. (Somehow I suspect few prospective guests would have scheduling conflicts.)

  • muselet

    Sure, they’re peaceful now, but wait until Skynet is fully operational.


  • The_Dork_Knight
  • Robert Scalzi

    Danger Will Robinson , Danger…

  • nicole

    Lol. :-)

  • KidDynamo0

    Robot Insurance? Here is my wallet!