Super Stupid

Joe Lieberman's solution for Medicare is easily the worst thing since Paul Ryan's vouchers. Paul Krugman:

So Joe Lieberman is proposing that we raise the Medicare eligibility age. That’s a truly cruel idea; as it happens, I know several people who are hanging on, postponing needed medical care, hoping that they can make it to 65 before something terrible happens. And if I know such people in my fairly sheltered social circles, just imagine how widespread such stories must be.

Can we please have some brave senators propose the only reasonable solution: raising taxes on the rich to save Medicare? Anything short of that is just penalizing the Americans who need Medicare -- and their money -- the most.

  • Joshua Solomon

    Wait a second, isn’t this the same guy who proposed LOWERING the Medicare age for buy-in as a compromise for health-care reform?

  • Camel54

    With Medicaid as well as with most services provided to un-and under-insured people, the individual must go through an eligibility screening. Perhaps a reasonable compromise would be to apply these screenings to everyone for Medicare eligibility as well. If you have income of over $X per year from assets such as investments, your retirement age is raised to Y. Whereas if you’re like most of us and you rely only on a job to pay for everything, you will qualify at the current age. Apply the same standards to the rich as you do the poor in other words.

    I can understand a valid argument being made for raising the retirement age as the average lifespan increases, but I don’t believe we’re there yet. Plus, I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Some people are active and choose to work well after 65 and some aren’t able to long before 65. It makes no sense to frame this as though there is a single magic age at which everyone should do anything.

  • ElayneB

    When do we get rid of this ahole? Jesus, why can’t anyone stand up and say, the VAST majority of people in this country WANT medicare to stay the way it is. So LET’S JUST FIND A WAY TO FRIGGIN PAY FOR IT. And, hey, that way might be taxes, so suck it up and pay for the things in government you want.

  • Webdunce

    These politicians make me sick! I’m 41 years old and have been paying into Medicare and Social Security since I was 16. Periodically I get messages from Social Security saying that when I’m 67 I will be able to collect x. When the Hell did the collecting age become 67??? Medicare now too? I paid for years into it – ironically with no health insurance of my own because I couldn’t afford my employer sponsored “we pay nothing but can get you a plan” insurance. Is it going to have to be Generation X who finally revolts in this country? Or are we the last generation to be fed a load of shit and told it was pumpkin pie?

    • IrishGrrrl

      I hear ya Webdunce, I’ve been working and paying in since I was 14! I think Generation X will be the first generation to get royally screwed by the retiring Baby Boomers and the insanity of the Conservative movement of the last 20 years.

    • BuffaloBuckeye

      Collecting age is still 62. You get significantly less than at 67 (or in my case 66) but you can still collect.

    • incredulous72

      I have to tell ya Web, I’ve been thinking the same thing regarding Generation X for a few years now. We are getting the shaft. It’s time that we do something; but I think there’s so many of us that are so disaffected with government in general, it may be hard for us to unite and facilitate some major changes.

  • maxwelldog

    Lieberman and health care of any kind… not a match.
    We’re talking about a guy who wanted to sell a submarine to the fed for $81 Billion to do battle with al-queda’s Navy.
    Heck’s fire, for just twenty five coins, we could buy a FLOCK of arrows in a Link game to do the same thing.

    (or….in other words… WHAT al-queda NAVY!?)

    In any case, Lieberman works the other side of the aisle more.
    “Getcher red hot Death machines right here, folks! We got helicopters with ejector seats and 40MM for skateboards, not to mention fast new jet engines so that future Republicans can force sell them to other dictaters. Get’em While they’re HOT!”

  • BuffaloBuckeye

    I’ll need to go back to Morning Awesome to reset my day. Is Joltin’ Joe confusing Medicare with SocSec re raising the age limit, or is he just being absurd?

    • Ninure