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The Bubble Genius Bob & Elvis Show 6/10/11

It's a Bob Monologue Show; Bob does the show by himself; Skype Fail; Sarah Palin and Paul Revere; Newt Gingrich Implodes; Campaigning for Cash; Mitt Romney on the Chopping Block; The Next Republican Whipping Boy; Weiner and More Weiner; Who Cheats More Often; Rick Santorum is a Demon; and much more! Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • mrbrink

    Well, Bob, I think you handled that marvelously. Most of the radio I listen to is a solo-trip anyway, so I’m used to tuning in to a one-mic show. You get a couple topics, to which there is no shortage, you get a couple bold facts, slap some Cesca on it– Bammo! You’ve got a show.

    Regarding Newt Gingrich, I’ve been surprisingly disappointed in his inability to carry a conservative flag in any logical, or respectable manner. I have no respect for his meat-headed arguments or the petty sniping commentary he provides that amounts to little more than a blowhard’s laymanoid bar stool-banter.

    And Sarah ‘Nailin’ Palin. I can’t help but be reminded that nearly 60 million people in this country tried to put her within a heartbeat away from the presidency. It’s haunting. A chilling reminder that we can never let our guard down in an election. It’s like wingnuts are always right there waiting to fuck-you-frothy when you bend over to pick up their fetus photo. Ha ha, almost got us, wingnuts. They shake their fist and promise to get that ass next time.

    Stay awake, America. Focus. The idiots who do not understand basic history are doomed to revise it.

    And Weiner. All I have to say about that guy is this: It’s difficult to stand up and say, “the guy who flashes dick shots over the internet has a point!”

    I mean, his name is Weiner. He’s supposed to be better at holding the line on the playground press corp after what has had to be years of experience in the art of juvenile war. You can’t have the name Weiner, and give people such an easy punchline. He was supposed to be one serious Weiner!


    And Rick Santorum might as well be the Republican party’s point-man on abortion and reproductive rights. You get any of them going and they go Frothy at some point on the topic. These are arm n’ arm, lockstep off-to-glory-faced authoritarian religious wackaloons at their insidious core, and if you turn your back on them, for one election, even if you get a “moderate” wingnut in there talking about how fiscally restrained his religious conservatism is, you’re still going to get all the subtle, back page nook & cranny appointments throughout the system.

    Wingnuts in low places.

  • muselet

    Technology is wonderful until it isn’t. Maybe next time Skype won’t take an irrational dislike to you. All things considered, though, The Bubble Genius Bob Show was pretty good.

    You’re right, Newt Gingrich clearly sees his presidential run as a vital part of his business model and doesn’t want to do any actual campaigning. However, Gingrich has an ego as big as all outdoors, so he may see himself as a white knight, swooping in and saving the Republican Party (and the nation) after the other candidates have all had their campaigns fall apart, or have exhausted themselves and sullied one another’s reputations during primary season. That may be what’s going on with Rick “Goodhair” Perry, as well.

    Credit where it’s due: the sex advice columnist Dan Savage held a contest for his readers to define “santorum.” They were far too kind.


    • JackDaniel07

      I laughed loud and hard at the Gingrich in a sailor cap as Stay Puft Marshmallow Man visual!!

      • muselet

        So did I, almost as hard as I laughed at the thought of Newt kissing babies—never going to happen (to the relief of babies everywhere).


  • IrishGrrrl

    Bob, I think you did a great job on your own! But that doesn’t mean we don’t want our weekly dose of Elvis….

    And I agree with your comments re: the Democratic penchant for caving on stupid issues like sex scandals, accusations that make them look bad (true or not), etc. I hate it when they cave and I am encouraging Wiener not to resign either.

    • nicole

      Bob, I think you did a great job on your own!

      I agree with your comments re: the Democratic penchant for caving on stupid issues like sex scandals, accusations that make them look bad (true or not), etc. I hate it when they cave and I am encouraging Wiener not to resign either.

      Ditto that.

      • Treading_Water

        Absolutely. Weiner needs to stand up to the hypocritical Republicans and the flaccid conserva-Dems.

  • hollyglightly123

    Skype has been on the fritz for me for a week now.

    What does everyone think about Rick Perry maybe running? He’d likely be the primary candidate. It makes me nervous because no president has been reelected when economic conditions haven’t improved under their watch and although Obama may have held us back from going into a Depression, we still have a very high unemployment rate and our job growth in the private sector is still too small.

    • Bob Rutledge

      A regressive moronic Texas governor being elected presi– oh, wait.

      • nicole


    • IrishGrrrl

      The entire election makes me nervous because of the economy too. I don’t think it matters who it is (they are all clown, except Huntsman).

      • The_Dork_Knight

        Nicole says that 2012 will not be like 2010. I agree. I think that if things keep going as they are, its going to be worse. In 2012 Democrats are defending 25 senate seats, compared to 10 for the Republicans. If the economy slides backward again almost anyone has a legitimate shot at defeating President Obama. If I were a betting man, Id put money on losing the senate and executive branch. Meanwhile the Republicans run out the clock on all his legislative appointments, allowing the next president to appoint republican judges that should have been democrats, 4 years earlier. Say what you want about Repugs, they are damn good at vicious, salt the earth style politics.

        • IrishGrrrl

          Yeah and that’s the point. But what can he do at this point with the Rethugs and a certain percentage of Dems being so obstructionist? I mean, we need something done, to heck with the election.

          • The_Dork_Knight

            Agreed. I think there is zero chance of anything beneficial happening prior to 2013. Republicans won’t let it happen. All that is left is for the Democrats to start beating the Republicans to death on the jobs issues. To do that, they need actual proposals to have been shut down by the Republicans, and then they need to scream about it from the mountaintops. Right now the President and damn near everyone else looks like they want to run on that lame, morning in America, crap. They need to change that asap, because it just makes them look out of touch.

        • nicole

          I don’t think we’ll lose the Senate, and I believe that we’ll regain the House. Voters are pretty fed up with Republicans at this point, we lead on the generic ballot, but they may punish us by electing a Repub pres if Romney or Huntsman are the nominee.
          And, we will lose the presidency if we don’t get on message and stay on it. We will also lose it if The O. administration and the Democrats, don’t at least put on a show (we know that we can’t get a jobs or stimulus bill through the house) of making the attempt, and making the Republicans look as bad as they really are.

          Your claim that we’ll lose everything is not backed up by anyone, nor should it be because it isn’t true.

          On the other hand, it’s way too early to be certain of anything.

          Adding………..edited for clarity.

      • JMAshby

        The radicalism of the GOP will outweigh the negative effects of the (still) bad economy.

        Also, polls show that while most Americans do not think the President is doing a good job of fixing the economy, they also do not blame him for the bad economy. Its a double-edged sword.

        • The_Dork_Knight

          I hope you’re right. Recent history shows us that the voters will likely adopt a throw the bums, regardless of party, out policy, however. If that happens, Repugs win… big.

    • mrbrink

      I get a kick out of people saying the economy hasn’t improved on Obama’s watch.

      We went from -6.8 GDP in 2009 to +1.8 in the first quarter this year, seeing 5%GDP in 2010, until Republicans across the country began cutting goods and services while smiling for the cameras behind those big fat Lottery-winning Recovery Act checks in hand.

      Republicans in congress will never offer this president a helping hand, so it’s up to the electorate to determine how anti-voting legislation, repealing patient protections, busting unions, cutting taxes further for the wealthy, or finding new ways to say women are second class citizens, gays are illegal, mexicans threaten prosperity, and Muslims should be ostracized in the name of rich white christian men will help them find gainful employment and stability. Security.

      The marketing involved in this big lie is its own little anti-American public relations economy being funded by a handful of conspiring multi-national corporations and billionaire Theocrats, or the “U.S.” Chamber Of Commerce.

      This idea that we’re not better off under Obama than the authoritarian Republican Manifesto of concentrated wealth, deregulation, religious fanaticism, and xenophobia, is beyond ludicrous.

      Half of the Republican party still thinks the president was born in Kenya.

      It’s an impenetrable force field of the best stupid money can buy, but I say fear not! President Obama’s record of achievement despite the Republican party’s collective bomb-brained terrorist insurgency and do-nothing obstruction, or the fact they’re killing jobs and investment with austerity and outsourcing, as well as creating a polluted environment of fear and national distrust– the instability and uncertainty alone is worthy of a repeated electoral ass-whooping.

      It’s not that difficult to defend the stated goals and objectives of this president, but a lot of dark money is there to call you an idiot for no other reason than to bully you into silence, fearing your own political shadow.

      I don’t have much experience defending the policies and objectives of a U.S. president, but this one is easy. You can start with GDP in 2009.