Open Thread

Weathering The Weather

Artist - David Fitzsimmons

In other news, Herman Cain says he would expect Muslims to take a special oath to serve in his administration, and Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) says people who work for the government should find real jobs. Does that include him?

  • IrishGrrrl

    Like the Cartoon, Arizona is on fire and it’s a mess. Check out the story on my blog. The air in Phoenix is horrible today because of it.

  • MrDHalen

    Google homepage tribute to Les Paul is very cool. Have to love those Internets!

    • mrbrink

      Good call.

      There’s a sweet little something something hiding in there if you strum it gently from right-to-left.

      • IrishGrrrl

        That is so friggin cool. I recorded my doodle….if you click the little gray box below the strings, it will record and give you a url. Here’s my doodle.

    • muselet

      That is a cool doodle/tribute.

      Half the musicians alive owe their careers to Les Paul. Every recording engineer alive owes his/her career to Les Paul. All fans of popular music should know the name of Les Paul and keep it close to their hearts.

      –alopecia (who is as far from being a musician as it’s possible to be)

      • MrDHalen

        Amen, brother.

  • The_Dork_Knight
  • MrDHalen

    I think we’re in real trouble when it comes to climate change. I think our progression estimates are off and each year that percentage will multiply. The deniers are in for a real shock.

    • nicole

      I agree.

    • BuffaloBuckeye

      Then try to marshall the resources and the will to bring us back from the abyss..

      • MrDHalen

        A pint is just a pint; if its carrying a pint, it’s doing the best it can.

  • nicole

    I am steaming. Tim Kaine called for Weiner’s resignation this morning. The MSM is focusing on every little detail that continues to slither out, and they all behave as though Weiner is a freaking criminal.
    He is not. He did some really, really stupid things (and so did the women involved…….skanks!), but last time I checked, stupidity was not criminal.
    And, unlike Republicans, he is also not a damn hypocrite who preaches family values.
    As to his wife………for all we know, they have an arrangement of some sort, an open marriage. What they do in their personal lives is not of our damn business unless it impacts his job performance or is a criminal matter.

    To that end, I created a Facebook page encouraging him not to resign. If you agree, please “like” the page, and contribute to the chatter in a supportive way.

    • MrDHalen

      I’ve reached my end with the MSM in this country. I don’t watch anymore; I’m done!

      Like Elvis said on the podcast, I’m so sick of these “RatFuck” bastards! It’s beyond real. What I see is grown adults behaving like grade schoolers everywhere. I can’t believe I’m spending my best years in such unserious times.

      I’m so sick of this “Dumb, Stupid!” crap. (Thanks Elvis) Please make is stop.

      /end of rant. :-)

    • JMAshby

      Because Tim Kaine did such a good job running the DNC in 2010.

      Ok, not really.

  • Grant Beaudette

    I have wondered how far up the pay scale you have to get for government jobs to be real jobs. Below that I assume you mortgage and other bills are imaginary as well.