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Weiner Confesses, Breitbart Vindicated

Wow. That was a difficult headline to write, but it's true.

Anthony Weiner admitted to everything in a press conference today, and confessed to lying about it to the media. He sent the now infamous crotch shot, and has sent numerous inappropriate photos via Twitter and Facebook prior to and during his marriage.

He doesn't plan to resign at this time.

I'm glad he admitted to all of this, but by engaging in this behavior -- especially the lying -- he not only damaged his own credibility, but he also boosted Andrew Breitbart's credibility. Both results are bad, bad news.

While I'm here, I admit that I was wrong about Breitbart on this story. But I still believe I had damn good reason to question Breitbart's veracity and to draw the conclusions I posted here.

  • twschopp

    After the Shirley Shirrod incident, Breitbart could be right the next thousand times and still not be “vindicated,” as far as I’m concerned. He is, and will remain, an opportunistic tool…

    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

      Ditto that, for sure.

  • mrbrink

    Adding…Why isn’t Andrew Breitbart being charged with blackmailing a public official? is the question I’d like answered right now.

    He stood up and threatened a public official, that if said public official didn;t act the way Breitbart wants him to, he’s going to expose him further.

    That’s a serious crime.

    • incredulous72

      I agree, and Breitbart has threatened Weiner at least three times that I know of; online over twitter, yesterday at the press conference and yesterday on that A-Hole Hannity’s show. I thought I was going insane because when I heard it I went through the roof, but noone else (MSM) has acknowledged it.


    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

      Damn I hate Breitbart. And the MSM.

  • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

    I have a question.

    Actually, I’ve been pondering this ever since the Republican, Rep. Lee?, from NY resigned after revealing his [oh NOES] shirtless chest on craigslist.

    So, since when did the male torso/chest become a lewd object? I really want to know this cause not only do I think this is utterly ridiculous, but I happen to like viewing shirtless males.

    Adding……yes, I’m fully aware of the crotch shot, but the rw media is making a huge deal out of the bare chest shots also.

  • Chocko_Rocko

    Criticisms noted and mostly valid. But we can’t have it both ways, and Rep. Weiner can’t either. I care less about the ACT, more about the COVERUP. So, if Rep. Weiner said, knowing that all that stuff was floating around out there, “You know what? I did. And I sent pictures of me myself & I to several other people too. So what?” Then I am behind him 100%. But he doesn’t know for sure that the women were adults. He just really, really hopes so.

    But he was ashamed, he lied to or withheld from his wife, and he lied to everyone. That shows the pattern of behavior of an addict – lies, bad judgement and denial of reality. That’s a problem for a national leader in this country, especially one in the middle of a moral crusade against corruption, who acts as an aggressive and articulate ambassador of progressive ideas on the wingnuts’ major media platform.

    • mrbrink

      When do Republicans begin stepping down for lying about abolishing Medicare? Or acting as smiley-faced economic terrorists for the benefit of 1% of the country?

      In the realm of lies, there are varying degrees. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give Anthony Weiner’s lie a 2.

      The GOP is pushing 10’s everyday.

      I personally don’t need a photo-finish to determine which particular lies pose a greater threat to America.

      It’s an embarrassing situation and how he handled it is more of a blushing lie, than an insidious plot to overthrow Democracy– as republicans are currently doing. And all the high and mighty moral crusaders should recognize the difference. I didn’t care that Clinton lied about sexual relations, even though I never voted for the man. I don’t care about anyone’s sexual relations or how they choose to address them. I don’t need to hear the ways in which you like to get off so long as it’s legal. I’d just as soon settle for a lie on the matter than listen to someone be shamed into resignation by hypocrites.

      He doesn’t owe you or anyone else an explanation, other than his family, so long as it’s legal.

      Sexy pictures are funny and part of who we are as a country. He would have gotten the same sort of backlash whether he fessed up immediately or not.

      If I have to choose between a photo of Osama Bin Laden with a bullet hole through the head or a hilariously sexified exchange between adults who shake their little tush on the catwalk, I’ll go with sex over violence any day.

      Losing A.W. will only make the country weaker.

      And Breitbart should be charged with blackmailing an elected official by morning after this:

      “I’m not doing this for nefarious purposes,” Breitbart said. But he added, “If this guy wants to fight with me again, I have this photo.” Asked if that might not be extortion, Breitbart responded, “I’m trying to do the decent thing, but if he wants to fight with fire, come on.”

      That’s blackmailing a public official and that’s still a crime, even when right wing psychos do it.

      • Chocko_Rocko

        Thanks, I needed that. But your argument plays into the hands of the other side: “Republicans lie; therefore vote TeaParty! Democrats lie; therefore vote TeaParty!” TeaParty thinks all government is bad and all politicians are not to be trusted.

        • mrbrink

          Actually, I see it the other way around.

          I see this as arguing on right wing conservative terms.

          This moral fiber thing is their decaying playground and their lead-based ball, and they still feel the need to cheat the American public simply because there is NO equivalence to be found in lying about WMD’s, or under-cutting 95% of the country– and whether or not a man is comfortable telling the truth about his methods and motives relating to an adult exchange.

          And Tea Party people think Republicans have the majority of America’s best interests at heart.

          I’ve had discussions with them up close and in person and they have no idea their taxes have been cut, or that it was three Republican presidents who racked up over $10 trillion in current debt(plus interest!).

          They’ve looked right into my eyes and said otherwise.

          Not a credible source for credibility or a collective authority on “moral fibah.”

          • Lexamich

            Brink, I like your take on these matters of personal indiscretions and GOP hypocrisy. In fact, the more these scandals surface, I’m betting the less effective they will become as a bludgeon. Now this can go either way, but as has been said countless times to countless rightwinger trolls, it is their side that demands infallibility their own reps cannot live up to. Meanwhile, whole chasms of misinformation i.e. lying to the public have been acknowledged and pushed aside for the sake making the GOP ever-presentable for its increasingly desperate, forever rabid constituents. Understand these fools are attempting to make us feel guilty for holding THEIR reps accountable for their actions. They also want us to feel guilty for cadting little judgement on Democrats and/or liberals that fall short of some indiscriminate moral standing they were never held to.

            When dealing with a Republicon, one always has to acknowledge that they work with the fuzzy math philosophy. This philosophy always cast them as having an advantage over their…opponents. For example, moral standing is only relevant because they themselves have broached the subject. Therefore, they are always given extra credit for having a moral code. Meanwhile, a liberal/Democrat is immediately worthy of rejection because they’ve never felt the need to preemptively judge an individual’s moral standing in service to judging job performance.

            It goes like this:

            Newt Gingrich = “Family Values” Hypocrite – 1 credit +1 for being a “Family Values” Hypocrite (at least he has a moral code)

            Anthony Weiner + Outspoken Congressman/Serial Cheater – -1credit (for having no declared moral code) -1 credit (for being outspoken while having no declared moral code)

            Therefore, it is Gingrich with 1 point, and Weiner with -1.


            The point is Republicons are skeevy cheaters that one should not engage in leisurely distractions, such as a “Who’s More Moral”, game of rhetorical tiddlywinks. The Cons will always gain the upper hand, because we’re using their game board. That is the dilemma facing us. An ever-corrupting corporate media structure that is primarily in the business of keeping two sides fighting. That is why it appears that the media always sides with the Cons. They’re so pugnacious, self-indulgent, and petulant that they’d slap any party – both in the legal sense and the usual – that sees them as comrades. Tell a Con that we’re all Americans, and the Con will say they’re more American than you. It’s that simple. The attitude festers in this political environment, and with a ready-to-brainwash media apparatus designed to coddle them, I fear they are a lost cause. An utterly pathetic lost cause.

          • mrbrink

            “The attitude festers in this political environment, and with a ready-to-brainwash media apparatus designed to coddle them…”

            I apologize for singling out this little line in your comment, because I have to tell you, coming up with a mathematical theorem to explain the psychology of the game is fucking brilliant.

            But this will hopefully be the last words I write on the subject and I wanted to point out that when Newt makes the media rounds, nobody is asking him about his lack of loyalty to his ex-wives or what he was thinking. Nobody asks David Vitter if he’s still banging hookers. Nobody is asking Joe Scarborough about that dead girl in his Florida office. On and on. Nothing sticks to loyal conservatives, and when it does, it’s because they are found to be gay, and that’s only because conservatives are predisposed to hate gay people.

            They get to go about their media lives like nothing ever happened, influencing the power structure in America.

            Anthony Weiner has been asked over and over, not about Clarence Thomas, or any number of issues, but about whether or not he’s guilty of flirting with women. There’s a mound of evidence incriminating right wing operatives on his right, (Supreme Court justices!)…and some harmless Twitpics on his left.

            The corporate media plays America like a drum, and there is no such loyalty on the left(I’m talking to you, Ed Schultz) to veer away from the corporate media’s obsessive defamation of liberal views.

            Great comment, Lex.

          • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

            I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to post this comment as a quote. Probably tomorrow, so please let me know if you object. :-)

            Adding….I’d like to kick Ed Schultz’s ass.

          • mrbrink

            Nicole, I don’t object, per se, but I don’t believe it will do your sterling credibility any favors.

            I consider my exclusive commentary here public domain.

            The sharing of ideas is paramount to better democracy.

  • Sweet Chunks

    While it is disappointing that Mr. Breitbart won the day, I’m more upset that our politicians have such a problem with their private parts! I think we need to have an honest discussion with our politicians about sex and what their pee pees do and we should tell them about unwelcome touching as well. I think if we just tell them the truth about sex, the mystery and allure will die down and they won’t be running to the next website to smear their penises and vaginas all over their webcams or running off and putting their privates all over other people! Do they have projectors in congress? I have informative slides, if so. We can have their constituents sign a waiver for them if they don’t think their politician is ready.

  • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

    Republicans who are also connected to the Republican party as operatives or lawmakers, and are convicted pedophiles:

    Adding….. just sayin’ (and trying to provide a little perspective)

  • Chocko_Rocko

    And it’s not over. Don’t go bury your head in the sand for another week hoping this will all go away. I will predict that even now, we haven’t heard every bit of damning factual evidence, and here I predict that evidence will come to light that government resources were used in the pursuit of his little hobby. To say nothing of the mileage to be gained from the tons of innuendo this will generate.

    The right-wing blogosphere is gearing up for a campaign, of which this is the initial skirmish, with the goals being 1) destroy Weiner 2) destroy anyone who voiced support for Weiner 3) destroy as many Democrats as possible using cross-association with Weiner personally or the causes he supports, or those he is against. It’s happening now, see, the Twitterverse.

    Even now, I see knee-jerk liberal rationalizations and justifications everywhere. Bad, bad liberal! Lazy thinker! **smack** Get a hold of yourself! Remember, he said he only told his wife everything this morning – he is still in damage-control mode. The election is not as far away as it seems, and the good guys do not always win.

    • incredulous72

      Chocko, I think you’re hyperventilating. LOL!
      This will be the last thing on New York voters’ minds in Weiner’s district come this time next year, let alone next year at election time. There will be a hundred and one different issues to come out in another week or two. Need I remind you that everyone was going batshit crazy over Trump and the Obama birth certificate issue and in about forty-eight hours news of bin-Laden’s death completely eradicated that; the wingnuts couldn’t even argue whether or not the birth certificate was a fake.

      This is a twenty-four hour news cycle world now; everything goes away pretty quickly. There will be another REAL scandal soon.

      I do agree however, that the republicans are going to pull all the crap you are predicting going forward. And I also agree that if he is guilty of anything else, he needs to step down BEFORE any ethics investigation starts.

    • mrbrink

      Liberals don’t do sexual repression.

      We embrace our sexuality, and sex, for the most part.

      “Make love, not war” is ours.

      It’s conservatives who cover up statued breasts and write weird fantasy books about horny bears raping sex slaves and such as it is.

      They’re the party of phony self-righteous tight-asses on paper, condemning gays and straights who travel with gays who shop for dildos together, but it’s also conservatives who are out there by night flirting with teenage boys, buying meth for male hooker-sex, talking about “naughty boys” when it’s a Democrat– while getting arrested for soliciting sex in an airport bathroom, or propping their families up as moral subterfuge to manipulate the national power structure, all the while claiming the mantle of crusading holy warriors for republican Jesus.

      Larry Flint, one of my first amendment heroes, was persecuted by conservatives and the religious right. Another instance of conservatives’ attack on freedom of expression and speech all in one instance.

      This is no different, really. Another conservative attack on free love, free spirits, free speech, privacy, expression…

      As consenting adults, we don’t do sexual repression comfortably.

      And it’s appropriate because Republicans don’t do shame.

      • Scopedog

        “Larry Flint, one of my first amendment heroes, was persecuted by conservatives and the religious right.”

        Heck, Flynt (sic) should have been given a medal for what he did during the Lewinsky scandal–he revealed all the hypocritical Repubs who, while bashing Clinton, were busy running around shtupping everything that moved.

        By showing their naked hypocrisy, he shut them up.

        Thanks much, Larry. You done good.

      • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

        I am so sick of the puritanical approach to sex in this country. It causes more problems than it solves. We’re so uptight we can’t talk about safe sex in our schools so our young people still have sex (cuz they’re gonna) and they transmit STDs and get pregnant. We can’t talk about being homosexual, so thousands of kids are terrified of what they feel and don’t feel it is safe to be themselves. And the list goes on and on.

        We’re so behind the rest of the world. Look at Berlusconi in Italy….someone like that would never have gotten to the highest elected position in this country, much less be able to stay there once all the scandals were out. And that’s a Catholic country fer crying out loud! I’m not saying he’s a great leader, but I am saying that such scandals don’t blind them to every other issue.

        As so many have stated on here today, the real shame is that lying, GOP syncophant and shill, Clarence Thomas will get no MSM attention at all. That’s the real f*cking shame here.

        • muselet

          Couldn’t agree more with your first and third paragraphs.

          In France and Italy, it’s less an openness about sex and more a matter of powerful men (emphasis on men) believing there’s nothing wrong with gettin’ them some, even if it’s not necessarily entirely consensual (Dominque Strauss-Kahn) or with underage prostitutes (multiple French footballers, Silvio Berlusconi). And since Italian politics is as pure an example of a cluster**** as you’ll find on this green earth, the lessons to be drawn therefrom are a bit hazy.

          Still, it would be so nice if we’d all just grow up.


  • D_C_Wilson

    I can deal with Weiner in a scandal. But damn, why did he have to let Breitbart actually be right for once? Now every wingnut on the internet is going to cite this as proof that he’s credible and ignore all the documented times he’s lied.

  • The_Dork_Knight

    Arent we all overlooking the fact, that at least in this last case, this was not a case of two adults deciding to sext each other, (which I still think is immature at least, for all the reasons Weiner is now figuring out) but this last pic went to a girl who (unless I have misread this) never asked to see his package.

    If Weiner had gotten into a trenchcoat, went to the supermarket, chatted up some pretty girl about the rising costs of food before unexpectedly ripping open his coat and flashing his package, wouldnt we all be calling for his resignation and arrest? Isnt this the internet equivilent of that?

    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

      He didn’t do anything illegal.

      And, sending someone a barely lewd pic is hardly the equivalent of flashing some stranger in a supermarket.

      • The_Dork_Knight

        Well, we disagree on what constitutes barely lewd. I think most people would consider that pic lewd.

        • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

          Yeah we disagree. I didn’t see any nudity. Did you? You would see more in a swimsuit.
          Hell, you can see more if you watch the Olympic swimmers.

          • The_Dork_Knight

            So, if this had been a Republican, you would feel the same way?

          • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

            I would make a big freaking deal out of it only because it was a Republican, but yes, I would feel the same way.

    • ranger11

      All I know is that he has more self-confidence than I could ever have.

      • The_Dork_Knight

        Lol. agreed.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WJUTQSQJEKH4ELTY4YSP6OKFTQ Jan

      She did ask to see his ‘package’. He said he had an ‘ahem’ and asked if she’d like to see it, and she replied ‘yes!’. So there is NO equivalency with a flasher in a supermarket. For the love of little green apples, please check your facts before turning into a concern troll. And BTW, most of us who are ticked at the Republicans are ticked at their hypocrisy for trumpeting ‘values’ (whatever the eff those are to them) while playing around.

  • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

    Tomorrow, I am going to work on however many posts it takes to detail the past sexual indiscretions of the GOPs leading lights. Yes, this stuff will be old news, but reminders never hurt anyone.

    I suggest other bloggers do the same.

    As the netroots, we have the ability to create a strong base of support for Weiner. In my opinion, we should do so.

    • muselet

      You may run out of bandwidth before you run out of GOP sex scandals.


      • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

        So true, Alopecia.

  • Chocko_Rocko

    I am a fan of Rep. Weiner and think he was doing important work in the House. BUT, as a result of his behavior, he will no longer be able to command the respect of anyone; as a result of his lying, bigger crooks like USSC Justice Thomas and bigger issues like *fucking everything else, take your pick* will get a pass in the news; as a result of the timing coincident with the Edwards indictment, Democrats have hit a perfect storm ethically and have been dumped back into the Clinton/Lewinsky doghouse; as a result of the story breaking by Breitbart, of all people, crap media will gain undeserved stature in the minds of the masses. Just when the Daily Show was beginning to dominate FoxNews. *Sigh*

    If Weiner doesn’t have the common sense to resign, he will be a punchline for years to come, the wingnuts’ strawman poster child Democrat with the made-for-juvenile humor name. Plus the next heinous rightwinger who gets caught will use it as an excuse to cling to his/her position. And the public’s perception of government will further erode, which only serves the purposes of the wingnuts. Progressives support good government, which requires supporting ethical behavior and credible leadership. Weiner has failed in both areas, NOT because he sexted and twitpeckered or whatever, but because he falsely traded on the public trust to try to get out of it.

    And give Breitbart his credit, or else no one will ever believe you when you criticize him for a valid reason. Despise him for ACORN, hate him for Sherrod, but don’t deny reality, that’s just juvenile. Wingnuts are infantile; Progressives need to show adult leadership.

  • mrbrink

    Embrace the Weiner!

    Don’t run. Don’t hide.

    We’re funny.

    This is funny.

    We do funny.

  • sallysjc

    I watched the press conference in a Dr.’s office and I literally could not wait to get home and see what you had to say, Bob. I decided that no matter what is was I wanted to say that what we all like about you so much is that you have the balls (pun intended) to take a stand and put it all out there. Keep up the educating and entertaining comments. But, damn it to hell. I am once again disappointed by a lying man (but then again I defended Tiger to the death….talk about eating crow…)

  • incredulous72

    I have to say that I am truly disappointed. My frustration lies in the fact that now Breitbart will be taken seriously by the MSM. He should have ZERO credibility with the media; ZERO. This one time that he slid on shit into the truth should not override the manufacturing of scandals that he’s orchestrated in the past two years. The republicans are turning this into a ‘THEY DO IT TOO” argument, which they always do but as usual this is not the case. Weiner’s never presented himself as holier than thou and he’s never spouted about morality, christian values and virtues and the like. When the republicans get caught in this kind of thing (rather often) it is sheer hypocrisy and usually illegality; Weiner getting caught is sheer stupidity. I’m actually kind of glad that Pelosi has called for an ethics investigation; it’s perfect offense, provided that Weiner’s telling the truth that he hasn’t broken any house rules.

    • Scopedog

      Britey-boy has always been taken seriously by the MSM.

      Even though the guy’s credibility is as buck naked as the Emperor, the MSM does not care. All they care about is the salacious stuff, and real news can go take a hike.

      Somewhere, Aldus Huxley is laughing his @$$ off–at us.

  • http://www.intoxination.net intoxination

    The problem now is that Weiner’s cred is in the tank and Breitbart’s has been raised (UGHHH!). Now if Breitbart says he has some underage girl claiming Weiner engaged her, the media will jump on it and Weiner will have a hard time denying it.

    • agrazingmoose

      Politicians have survived worse.

    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

      I strongly disagree that Breitbart’s cred has been raised. It isn’t like anyone is going to believe him for the next 25 times. He was finished when he screwed Sherrod.

      • JackDaniel07

        I was so sure that Elvis had it right and this was a setup by the Congressman to show us all how fucking ridiculous we’ve gotten…..oh well….I guess it worked, in a way…

        • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

          Hell, Jack, i figured it was Breitbart again. sigh…….

  • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

    May I just point out……he didn’t cheat on US.

    He does his job every damn day. He speaks out against the Con horseshit frequently. He is the ONLY ONE that does so.

    I was upset. Now I’m over it because in the overall scheme of things, we could do much worse than defend Anthony Weiner.

    Adding………Weiner’s confession/video:

    • ranger11

      I just don’t think he recovers from this. The elevation of Breitbart is the thing that makes me most angry.

      • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

        Whether or not he recovers from it is up to us. We can choose to support him and allow this to be mostly forgotten, or we can choose to slit our own throats as we slit his.

        It’s our choice.

        As to Breitbart….he has NOT been “elevated”.

        The boy who constantly cries “wolf” falsely was wrongly accused ONE time.

        That does not exonerate him, nor give him more credibility.

        • ranger11

          It elevates him in the eyes of the media. Doesn’t in my eyes. A media monster just got bigger. I went through this with Drudge in the 90’s. It sucks and the media sucks worse.

          • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

            Okay. So what? The media elevates a lot of people that don’t deserve it. They’ve never really come down hard on Breitbart.

          • Scopedog

            Not to sound crude, but the MSM is giving Britey-boy the same fellatio they gave Drudge in the 1990s–you’re right about that.

            Real news? Who cares! We gotta focus more on somebody’s schlong!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R2OPPKURRNWL7OYXYECQMCFW5I Anthony

    Oh boo-woo. Suck it the fuck up and press on. So what if Wiener posted pictures of his cock? Who else does it? How many other politicians are doing something scandalous as this (or more) and not revealed to the public? Did Wiener act out anything sexual towards his followers? Did Wiener claim to be a glorified man who preach to us about impeachable family-values?

    If not, stop this crying and self-whipping modesty, and set up for the next round. And this ‘resign’ shit that I’m reading on the left “blogsasphere” doesn’t help.

    It. Doesn’t. Help.

    In fact, the only people it does help are the Republicans.

    Weiner is the only guy who is combative against the Republicans and screaming for him to resign according to your beliefs, then you’ve effectively slitting our throats. I don’t see anyone on the left blogs actually fighting back; just posting a blog and talking on podcasts, bitching…but no affirmative action.

    Would any of you actually take it to the Republicans and the Tea Baggers or stay mum about it? They’re a hell of a lot louder and out in the field appearing on the news, but nothing’s going on from the left. They’re all coming together and saying the same messages, but, alas, we can’t do anything?

    Wiener did something stupid (but not illegal) that has nothing to do with what he fights for, yet there’ll be cries of resignation all over the fucking political theatre as though he committed a felony.

    Wiener will take responsibilities for his actions. That’s what a man-of-his-word would do.

    Republicans, on the other hand, continue to do a lot of illegal and amoral things and — guess what? — they get away with it.

    Stop sabotaging us with this ‘resign’ shit and fight back. If you really want to make America as good as a Progressives want it to be, than actually DO SOMETHING and not watch from the distance.

    Remember what Wiener fights for. Do the same.

    Here’s a starting topic: Clarence. Press on that subject as every left blogger is saying the same thing. Keep bringing up Clarence EVERY DAMN DAY until EVERYONE IN THE NATION knows about him and what he done.

    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

      You mean the skanky shill, Clarence Thomas? If so, you are exactly right.

    • incredulous72


    • Scopedog

      “Weiner is the only guy who is combative against the Republicans and screaming for him to resign according to your beliefs, then you’ve effectively slitting our throats. I don’t see anyone on the left blogs actually fighting back; just posting a blog and talking on podcasts, bitching…but no affirmative action.”

      Yup. I’m ticked off by what he did, but it doesn’t affect me. What he does in Congress DOES affect me, and all of us. And he’s fought the good fight against the Republicans and never, ever hesitates to call them out.

      I cannot believe that some on the left want him to resign. What the hell for? We now throw him under the bus for THIS?

      Oh, and slitting their own throats? Sadly, we on the left are very, very good at that. Hell, look at those who say they will not vote for Obama in 2012 and hope the Democrats lose so they will “learn a lesson”.

  • ranger11

    I’m kind of thinking that his wife doesn’t think that this is all fun and games. When do mid-life crises usually start occurring? Bret Favre all over again.

    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

      I feel badly for his wife, but it really is none of our business.

      I wish that the press and everyone else would get the fuck out of the nation’s bedrooms and start focusing on what matters.

  • http://profiles.google.com/dhfabian DH Fabian

    I checked into MSNBC this afternoon. Chris Matthews’ program was about America’s Great Weiner Crisis. Not the war(s), economic crisis, not even about the Grand Opening of the new Ford Motors and GM auto plants in Russia (thanks to US taxpayers’ dollars). This episode of the Weiner Crisis lasted an hour, at which time it was time for Al Sharpton’s show. Finally, an intelligent discussion of the critical issues, right? Nope, more Weiner Crisis. I turned off the TV, looked for some mature news discussions online, and what do I find everywhere? Yep, relentless Weiner Crises!

    Please grow up, fellow Americans. Usually, we overcome the obsession with naughty(ish) pictures as we grow out of adolescence. This was a dumb little incident that does not deserve (so far) two days of relentless analysis. Anthony Weiner is clearly very embarrassed by this incident. I’m very embarrassed by the stunningly childish media reaction to it.

    • Scopedog

      “I’m very embarrassed by the stunningly childish media reaction to it.”

      This reaction has been going on since the 1990s, hell, since the 1980s, hell….well, it’s par for the course for the modern MSM.

      Truly important news that means a damn is crushed underfoot and forgotten just because the media’s obsessed with a politician’s pecker or an exposed breast.

  • agrazingmoose

    Geesh. Weiner did something dumb but less lewd than what teenagers do on a daily basis. His attempted cover-up was dumb also, but understandable.

    Get over it.

    It is not his job to be on top of the Breitbart situation for the sake of liberals and Democrats everywhere. He will continue to do his job and to stick it to Breitbart and the conservatives in other ways.

    Move on. This is unimportant. I am much more worried about the Indiana showdown over Planned Parenthood, the fact that CO2 levels are destroying soil, agriculture, water accessibility and ensuring starvation for even more people in third world countries, and the fact that I live in a country that is overly populated with folks who couldn’t care less about anything except the cost of a gallon of gasoline.

    • Scopedog

      “Move on. This is unimportant. I am much more worried about the Indiana showdown over Planned Parenthood, the fact that CO2 levels are destroying soil, agriculture, water accessibility and ensuring starvation for even more people in third world countries, and the fact that I live in a country that is overly populated with folks who couldn’t care less about anything except the cost of a gallon of gasoline.”


      Well put, well put….but part of me wonders if the MSM was just drooling for something like this to happen, that they haven’t gotten enough after the Governator’s love child and John Edwards….

      But really, this is all bullpucky. I’m upset, but more at the MSM for clinging to this like leeches and ignoring Justice Thomas’ possible ethics violations and the fact that the Republican Party intends to drive America, and possibly the entire planet, over the goddamned cliff just so they can prevent President Obama from getting a second term.

      Just because, you know, he’s black. And smarter than them.

  • Robert Scalzi

    Now that I’m done venting on AW I’m goin after the Charlatan

    “You may have won the small toss, outlander,
    but you won’t win the race! So it makes No difference­!”

    F U bratbart even a broken clock gets it right twice out of 1440 chances
    and FU MSM for ever letting this fratbrat anywhere near a microphone or camera You Suck .

  • muselet

    “Vindicated” is ‘way to strong a word. He was (partly) correct in this one instance. That’s not the same thing.

    I’m with a commenter at TPM on this: Weiner should resign some time after David Vitter resigns.


    • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

      I agree he can resign after Vitter. I don’t care that he took pics and sent them to women. I DO care that he lied about it but it was really, really personal stuff. I kind of don’t blame him there. But he didn’t do anything to warrant his having to resign.

      Am I disappointed in him, yes. But I completely realize that we were all holding him up to a standard that many of us probably cannot meet ourselves. No one here has ever lied in their life right? No one here has ever flirted with someone outside their marriage right? Let those who are without sin cast the first stone….. (and no I’m not a Christian, but a good quote is a good quote).

      • muselet

        I’m not crazy about Weiner lying, either, but I understand why he did it (the sexting, I’m not sure I’ll ever understand).

        Taking a step back, a lot of this goes to the hypocritical, smirky yet obsessive American attitude toward (cover the children’s eyes!) sex. If we as a society were more honest about sex, perhaps we could avoid ridiculous scandals like this—and, as a bonus, we might get a better class of people running for public office.

        “And if wishes were horses, we’d all be eatin’ steak!”


        • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

          Exactly!! I much prefer the European attitude toward sex.

      • muselet

        Double post deleted.

  • roxsteady

    I’m seriously considering using one of Weiner’s photos as wallpaper for my laptop. I can’t decide which one though. I always thought he was a skinny dude but, DAYUM!
    Let’s see, bottom or top? Rack or Unit?

    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

      lol. you go, girl! :-)

    • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

      My vote is for bottom! ;)

  • Lexamich

    Hey, peeps, Lexaburn here.

    Don’t even trip on this.

    Weiner’s just going through a mental obstacle in his personal life right now. I’ve dealt with plenty of individuals in the congressman’s position. They can’t let go of their glory days, and with that they do silly things in attempts to reclaim their – erhm – vim and vigor. The man has not been married that long. With that said, he aught to TRULY acknowledge the grown-up position he has taken both in his personal AND professional life. The latter has not been affected…yet.

    Yes, there will be speculation, but let us see who steps forward with what proof as to why he aught to step down from his position. Can anyone cite a problem within his district? If not, SHADDAP about it. Take all the pot-shots you want regarding the press runaround and what-have-you, but leave the professional stuff to people that know what the hell they are talking about, for once, please!

    I figured he had something to hide, but we always take individuals at their word. This is about us being honest with ourselves. Can you honestly say you know with absolute certainty that Rep. Weiner really did send his photos out to these women, minus the cynicism obtained by observing past indiscretions from politicians past? If so, I commend your prescience. A question, are we all going to die next year?

    In all seriousness, get all the venting out of the way. Then look back on what you’re really upset about, move on, and let’s keep moving forward.

    Kick all rightwinger trolls taking umbrage with Weiner’s personal conduct.

    Have fun, Cescans.

    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

      luv you, Lex.

    • roxsteady

      SHADDAP? Lex, you’re killing me! I just snarfed my water!

  • mattpd

    please add “this time” to the headline please.

    • likala

      I concur, that headline needs work Bob.

  • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

    Okay. Those of you going off on Weiner, calm the fuck down.

    They have the family values hypocrites, aka Vitter, Ensign, Gingrich, McCain, et al.

    We can live with one not nearly as bad. If he becomes ineffective, then that’s the time to call for his resignation.

    • roxsteady

      You’re exactly right Nicole473! The assholes in the media seem incapable of focusing on real issues. They’re all tabloid journalists now. Did you hear that one report yell “Are you gonna take care of Arnold’s love child”? and “Were you fully erect or are you capable of more”? I couldn’t believe my ears! I’ll just bet that Palin is both pissed and thrilled! Revere Gate will now take a backseat but, so will her hillbilly bus tour!

    • http://twitter.com/bphoon Brian C

      He’s ineffective now. I may be wrong about this but I think he’ll be gone within a week.

  • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole


    i will never look at Rep. Weiner in the same way.

    And fuck that idiot Breitbart. Just because he wasn’t guilty this time does not mean he has so much as a smidgen of credibility.

  • JMAshby

    I do believe today has been the single most pathetic day for this nation’s news media in history. Absolutely pathetic.

    Also Weiner is an idiot for lying, but at the same time he is not a family values crusader and his wife already knew about everything. Big fucking deal.

    Meanwhile, the Republicans are still on a mission to destroy this nation and the news media is helping them.

    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

      re your first sentence…….i concur. Utterly horrific.

      What media? We have no real media any longer.

  • roxsteady

    Oh, and sorry but, I see no need for Weiner to resign until DAVID VITTER DOES! Reppublicans can kiss my ass! Soliciting prostitutes is AGAINST THE LAW! What Weiner did was just stupid. Oh, and strickly speaking as a woman, he’s got a nice package! Suck on that Andrew! PUN INTENDED!

    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

      damn rox, I love you! :-)

  • roxsteady

    Fuck! Breitbart may have actually gotten this one right BUT, Shirley Sherrod and ACORN still paint him as a disgusting, lying, piece of shit! That shouldn’t change but, sadly the idiots in the media will now feel free to continue to take him seriously. I’m waiting for the day when the tables get turned. Let’s hope that the Civil case against him by Sherrod crushes his stupid ass! I don’t care that he got this one right, I still say FUCK YOU BREITBART! ROT IN HELL!

  • ainsleyroad


  • hedgesahead

    Well now we’re free to move onto Donald Rumsfeld and his utter refusal to answer questions as to whether he’s a lizard person, as posited by Louis C.K. What does he have to hide?
    Honestly though, this affects his work as a Congresscritter or the questions regarding Clarence Thomas how?

    • Robert Scalzi

      unless he resigns and passes the torch to Debbie Wasserman Schultz , it will go nowhere as he has lied and deceived for the last 10 days, had he been truthful from the get go maybe he could still be effective, now I have to say he’s Fucking useless burnt toast

      • hedgesahead

        This affects the quality of his accomplished works how?
        Any articulation he made as to Progressive values are invalidated by this how?
        He’s un-qualified to take oaths or affirmations because he perjured himself when?
        Right, right. I’m sure he’s the only public official with a private life he’d rather remain private.
        He’s the only Congressional representative to have ever erred.
        When did we begin to demand our representatives represent only our good qualities?
        When did we add that only ascetic celibate monks Constitutionally qualify for office?
        When did we become so unforgiving?
        When did having a failed or strange consensual relationship become a disqualifier to holding a job?
        When did making a human error besmirch someones reputations to the point of ignominy?
        Could YOU admit to doing something sexually embarrassing on national television?

        • Robert Scalzi

          it’s not what he did hedge, it’s that he lied about it for what a week and a half, had he come right out and admitted it I would not have a n issue w/ him , and would continue to defend him. I don’t like it when people (AW) I have been defending on this issue make me look like like an asshole. I know nothing he did was against the Law and he has a right to a private life however don’t Fucking Lie to me, to Rachel Maddow on the Air and how many others did AW take for fools, not only did he Fuck all of us he basically legitimized a charlatan in the MSMs eyes Fuck him ,fuck bratbart and sorry If you think I’m an Asshole too, but dammit AW don’t fucking lie , have me defend you and then 10 days later say SUCKER it’s FUCKING WRONG no matter who does it.

          • BuffaloBuckeye

            Yep. If you are going public with crotch shots, that’s one thing; at least have the decency to own up to it rather than this h*rseshit “certitude” nonsense. Resign. Now.

        • http://twitter.com/bphoon Brian C

          As Richard Wolff said on the Matthews show this evening, all politicians have is trust and credibility. Weiner now has neither. He fought a good fight but he’s done now. His fight’s over. Time to hit the showers.

          In this respect, it doesn’t matter whether he broke the law or not. It doesn’t even matter whether he violated his Constitutional oath. All the credibility he spent decades building is gone. All of it. His integrity: gone. Trust: gone. He’s now what we used to call in the Army “combat ineffective”. He’s a fighter with a glass jaw.

          He’s no longer any good to the party. He’s no good to the progressive causes he fought for. He’s of only marginal value–at best–to his constituents. He needs to step aside so we can get back to real issues like Medicare, unemployment, Social Security, the economy and all the other fights still ahead. Rest assured the GOP won’t let any of this die down until he’s gone. He should go now and let us move on.

        • http://twitter.com/bphoon Brian C

          Oh, and it doesn’t matter whether I could admit to doing something sexually embarrassing on national television. I’m not a public person. I haven’t set myself to be held to a higher standard. What I could or couldn’t do personally is immaterial.

          I would give Weiner credit for standing up on national TV and confessing what he’s done but he only did so when he knew ABC (courtesy of that shitbag Breitbart) had the goods on him and were going to run with the story tonight. He only came clean when the story got too out of hand for him to continue managing. He only confessed when he knew he was painted into a corner. Sorry…that don’t count.

          • hedgesahead

            The difference between a liar and an honest man is whether he’s been caught yet. If you want sexual purity in your Congress then elect a Mormon, or Ralph Nader. I’ll take someone who represents my flaws inclusively over some sterling Galahad any day.
            But for goodness sake, try not to think about how many scummy, sleazy, sexually deviant people surround you, work alongside you, and shake your hand in church. Just because you don’t know a man for a liar, doesn’t mean he’s not.

  • Mark Duncan

    Yeah. That’s pretty much how I feel. This is a bad fucking joke. And I don’t like the asshole that’s laughing.

  • Robert Scalzi

    I feel Sick to my stomach…..It really stinks when someone you have such high regard for is found to be wallowing in shit while trying to tell you teh waters Perfect … FUCK ME

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Allright, I’m going to vent.

    SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

    Rep. Weiner, I don’t care if you were set up by that despicable, odious child Breitbart. You’ve made fools of all of us, destroyed your own credibility, damaged everyone else’s, and bolstered that of a despicable, odious f***ing child who will now smugly smear his grotesque visage all over the landscape demanding that you, and I, and everyone else “apologize” to him for thinking he is the sick, smarmy sleazeball we all know he is. And you’ve negated the value of all the good things you’ve done and all the good, important things you’ve said.

    Let me put this as succinctly as I can:


    Resign. STFU. And go the f*** away.

    End of rant.

    • ElayneB

      Thank you for saying EXACTLY what I feel. BASTARD.