Open Thread

A Little Teapot

Artist - Monte Wolverton

In other news, the EPA has proposed new regulations on the "smog-forming pollutants" released by the gas-drilling procedure known as Fracking.

Also -- this happened.

  • mrbrink

    What we really need, though, is a leader who will rise up and lead America to economy-crashing default.

    That way, duly elected right wing terrorists and their electorate lunatics will know we mean business, too!

    Also, also, what we need is Keynesian economics for the military and for corporations and billionaires, and trickle down for the great majority that is everyone else!

    Really, though, when someone tells you Keynesian economics is unAmerican, or unAustrian, or unWingnuttian, remind them that the military industrial complex is essentially based upon Keynesian principles.

    Providing for defense is written into the constitution. You can argue degree.

    But The Founders dabbled a great deal in what was to become Keynesian economics.

    That should explode some heads!


    • IrishGrrrl

      Oh if only the right heads would explode, then I would buy a round of popcorn and drinks for everyone here. I dare to dream…..

  • mrbrink

    Right wing terrorists are hunting “liberals” down on the streets and in the legislative chambers of America and the world over.

    It’s one lone nut after another… with binding commonalities. How many acts of right wing terrorism does it take to be considered a product of right wing thought?

    • JMAshby

      Conservatism is a mental illness.

      • mrbrink

        It’s also a bumper sticker school of thought with about 40% graduation rate.

        But they’re so proud of their little overachievers!

        Look how courageous and determined and cute they are when taking on the powerless and disenfranchised!

        Best minority worldview money can buy.

        • JMAshby

          I cannot improve upon this line of thought. Well done.

  • mrbrink

    I hope liberals are so disgruntled with president Obama, they depress the vote enough to really take back America in the name of right wing conservatism in 2012!

    Sincerely not yours,

    Right wing conservatism.

    Unseriously. You know what this economy crushing debt ceiling standoff was missing?

    Three or four Senators like Rand Paul and Marco Rubio!

    Get to work, “real progressives!”

    You’ve got a country to give back!

  • mrbrink

    Grover thinks the GOP will win the Senate.

    I can see the campaign slogans now.

    “If you want us to really destroy the safety net and save tax cuts for the wealthy, we need your vote!”

    Oops. I mean, “Republicans will save the safety net and push for real tax reform!”

    Duh, where do I sign up for that?

    • dildenusa

      Gopher Nosetwist has his nose up my………… Can you smell that, Gopher? It’s like that smell you get on the street when you shred the social safety net.

  • Bob Rutledge

    Tech note, and — as ever — I don’t know if it’s on my end or yours, but for the last couple days when I see a new post on my blog list over at my home place (Blogger blog) and click through on the main link, the new post doesn’t show up.

    If I click on the link for the actual post instead of the front page, I get the post. It’s very strange to me.