Bad Idea Jeans

According to the Washington Post, Harry Reid is evidently working with Mitch McConnell on a debt ceiling deal that sounds utterly ridiculous. It's a variation of the McConnell plan, but contains exactly zero tax increases, all spending cuts, and doesn't really keep up with the deficit.

Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) is working with McConnell on this approach. Aides said the two are discussing a strategy that would pair McConnell’s debt-limit proposal with at least $1.5 trillion in spending cuts identified through bipartisan talks that Vice President Biden has led in recent weeks.

Fortunately, the White House isn't embracing this plan.

Ezra worked the numbers:

Think of it this way: The $4 trillion deal that the White House offered Boehner was 3:1 spending cuts to tax increases. If we move to a two-deal scenario in which the first deal is $2 trillion in spending cuts and then there’s a second $2 trillion deal that is, let’s say, 3:1 spending cuts to tax increases, the final deal is actually 7:1 spending cuts to tax increases, which means the spending cuts will have to go very, very deep.

Utterly ridiculous. I sincerely hope this isn't the deal. Or anything like it. And is it me, or is Harry Reid getting in the way of an internal Republican disaster?

  • mrbrink

    Democrats are dancing with a corpse.

    They’re always propping up the GOP and I don’t know whether it’s a professional courtesy, fear of being the last party standing, or a genuine respect for the body of government.

    “We’ve got to keep up appearances, honey.”

    We’re the nerds that do all their homework for them.

  • Kevin Danjou

    I’m freaking getting tired of this political party and their pussy footing around. Grow a fucking back bone or leave office to some younger less pussy whipped people can be elected to this party that have the balls to go toe to effing toe with the republicans.

    The democratic party (in power anyway) seems to be the party of spineless old people that can’t get anything else done. Do they think breaking from civility is going to cause them to lose their base? The open minded base of progressive thought isn’t people in their 60’s like the schmucks….they are the young, who get in a person’s face as needed. They are the African Americans that have found their voice that they won’t be pushed around anymore and always have to look over their shoulder. They are the LGBTs that have had to stay in the closet, be bigoted against, and have laws specifically targeting them.

    I want things to get done in Washington, I want lower taxes for everyone, I want an end to deficits, but both parties have caused the mess, and unfortunately we the taxpayers are going to have to pony up for their mistakes.


    • dildenusa


      “The open minded base of progressive thought isn’t people in their 60’s like the schmucks…..”

      I’m 60 and you’re lucky I’m not in your face. So put down the club and we’ll both get in the face of Cantor and Reverse Robin Hood Ryan and put them in their place. But you have to put down the club first because you can’t instigate violence when you get in someone’s face. Oh yeah, I want higher taxes for scum bag hedge fund managers and banksters.

    • incredulous72

      Commenting as an African-American, not only are you way off base, but you sound angry, crazy and highly misinformed when it comes to the real Democratic base.

      REAL crazy and misinformed.

  • nicole

    Yup, Reid is getting in the damn way. Let the fucking Republicans SINK, Harry!

  • dildenusa

    Glad to see you up and running Bob. I know exactly what you have been through. I maintain 3 web sites. Not as complicated as a major blog with people commenting but it’s still a lot of work for me.

    I agree with you about this deal but it’s obvious that the President, Reid, and McConnell are the only ones acting like adults. Boehner and his chief clowns Cantor and Ryan are children playing with fire about to burn down the house. The fact that the republicans are even forcing this debate is a sign of weakness, not strength, although Cantor and Ryan think just the opposite. They are ignorant and their ignorance shows their weakness.

    • Brian C

      I have a hard time when I hear anyone say McConnell’s acting like an adult in anything. I don’t trust that weasel-faced fuck any further than I can throw him. He’s at least as bad as Boehner or Cantor, easily. That shitfuck wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the ass. To trust anything McConnell has to say is like turning around, pointing to a spot on your back and saying, “Here, Mitch…here’s where the knife goes in.”

  • JMAshby

    I think McConnell’s original proposal, a clean increase with symbolic condemnation attached, is what will eventually end up passing.

    And I think it will pass on August 1st.

    • Dan_in_DE

      I hope you’re right, Ashby.

      I watched the president’s press conference a couple hours ago, and he seems very serious about finding a trillion dollars worth of cuts (over the next ten years). Which isn’t neccesarily a horrible thing, right? Folks here have been saying that for all the media hype, the proposed SS and Medicare cuts are solely related to wasteful spending – I would love to see a good link on that – but it’s cause for concern one way or the other. My qualm here is less that I dont trust President Obama to take up the interests of the middle class, but more or less echoing Paul Krugman, this is a really fragile economic recovery, and adopting Republican framing of economic arguments is a really bad idea. Every time Obama talks about belt tightening, I cringe.

      As for the August 1 deadline, it seems pretty late for action on something this critical and hugely symbolic. I’ve been saying the last couple of days now, if this hasn’t already shaken our ‘full faith and credit’, I dont know what possibly can.

      Well.. how about that – there’s a new press release from Moody’s, saying that the US’s credit rating will be reviewed. And according to Rachel Maddow it has less to do with the debt ceiling talks, as it does with the increasingly bleak unemployment outlook.

  • Bob Olivarez

    Yeah…just like when Obama said SS wouldn’t be touched…and then he put forth cuts to it.
    yeah…I trust him as much as trust the rest of the lot.

  • Robert Scalzi

    Harry “magic underpants” Reid is teh worst senate majority leader the dems have had in my political life, It is way past time for a change in leadership.