Bob and Elvis Show

Big Podcast Announcement This Week

This Thursday night on iTunes and Twitter, and Friday morning on the blog, you'll get to find out who will be the all new permanent co-host on the podcast.

The all new Bubble Genius Bob & [Coming Soon!] Show debuts this week.

Yep. It's about damn time.

  • Brian C

    Yo, Bob, I must have missed your call, man. Try it again…

  • Dan_in_DE
  • Bob McIntosh

    Shannyn?! JumpyPants?! We’re dyin’ to know.

  • Bob Cesca

    I can say with great confidence that it’s neither Elvis nor Stranahan.

    • Bubble Genius

      AaaaaaHA! but you didn’t say it wasn’t Beck. Oh noes!!!

  • Bob Rutledge

    The Return of the Strana — …just kidding. :)

    • JMAshby

      Naw dude. Naw.

    • Bob McIntosh

      I accuse you of trolling – you’re just trying to scare us! (j/k)

  • CarolDuhart

    Please rotate with Shannyn Moore and the Ex Deux Guy from time to time. And if Elvis can ever do guest spots, please, please, please let him. It was the interplay between you and him that made me a fan of the podcast.

  • WendyTN

    You’re killing me with the teasers! Who is it? Is it me? No? Oh well….

  • QueenTiye

    :( I was kinda hoping it would be Elvis coming back. But anyway, I’m sure the new guy/gal will be great. :)

  • withflare

    I know he’s out of a job now, but I hope it’s not Glenn Beck

    • Bubble Genius

      Ha! Though we’d be hesitant to sponsor said show, I’d listen with relish. And mustard.