Chart of the Day

Who's responsible for the deficit?

But pointing out these facts is considered to be Bush Derangement Syndrome, so never mind.

(via Joy)

  • Brian C

    The first time I saw this, I looked at the Obama figure under “Total Cost of New Policies” and thought, shit, taken over a full two terms, he’s likely to exceed Bush’s number. Then I took a second look and noticed the “(incl. projections)” under the “Obama F.Y. 2009-17″ and thought, Holy Shit! Bush’s number is nearly five times that of Obama’s likely total cost.

    And the GOP accuses Obama of going on a “spending spree”? Horseshit…

  • red_pills

    Are we talking debt or deficit here? Most folks conflate the two because they don’t understand the difference. Obviously, they’re related—kissing cousins, perhaps—but not synonymous. This chart appears to address each administration’s contributions to the national debt, not the budget deficit per se. Am I misreading?

    • red_pills

      Ah, structural deficit…I see that in the accompanying piece. All better.

  • dildenusa

    BDS? (Bush derangement syndrome?) Really? So who exactly has this disease/condition? Tea partiers? Firebaggers? Centrists supporters of President Obama?

    Anyone with half a brain can see that President Obama has acted responsibly over the last 2-3 years while Bush and his cronies acted irresponsibly by starting 2 failed wars using dubious intelligence.