DADT Repeal Certified by President Obama

As of September 20, Don't Ask Don't Tell will be a thing of the past. President Obama certified the repeal of the law yesterday in the Oval Office.

"In 60 days, as prescribed in the law passed by Congress and signed by the President last December, repeal will be final.” The law will be off the books on September 20, 2011.

This is an historic moment in American history and the ceaseless efforts of the gay community and activists everywhere made it happen. And, naturally, it didn't hurt that we elected a president who has been the best president in history for LGBT civil rights.

  • nicole

    GREAT news! And yet, I feel certain that we won’t hear anything complimentary from those who continue to call him “the worst president ever for lgbt rights”.

    Wonder what they’ll say when a Republican gets back in to office again and does everything he can to do away with any lgbt rights (in pandering to his white, christian wingnut, extremist base).

    • Oscar Jimison

      Lt. Choi has already been on CNN whining about the 60 day wait. I swear these people (the ineffectual activist crybabies associated with the Professional Left) are children.

      • mrbrink

        I’m not being discriminated against in my personal life or professional, other than the creeping right wing Republican death squad on smirking parade destroying humanity and reason, but I empathize with those who are, and who are forced to maybe get/go a little crazy to get some results.

        I yield to the plight of equality and humbly respect the efforts to attain freedom in light of the despicable, unforgivable history and ignorance applied to hurting people and threatening their legitimacy as human beings.

        I mean, I cringe in shame and disbelief that this country’s leaders once signed something called, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” Or the “Defense Of Marriage Act.”

        Legal discrimination!

        But now Lt. Choi should come down off the ledge, and simply say, “Thank you, Mr. President!”

        “Keep up the good work!”

        I believe it’s in order.

        • nicole

          I mean, I cringe in shame and disbelief that this country’s leaders once signed something called, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” Or the “Defense Of Marriage Act.”

          I think we all feel that way, mrbrink.

          But when a person is making a strong effort, in spite of the inevitable backlash, cheering him on makes far more sense than castigating him for a situation for which he is not personally responsible.

      • Sean Richardson

        Out of curiosity, now that it’s been certified that the military is ready, what is the logic for the 60-day wait?

        • Alan Fors

          I’m sure much of the 60 days is to deal with the niggling details. There are rule books, memos, forms, policies, and procedures that all need to be revised and rewritten to make a change like this complete. Training must take place, and probably even personel must be shuffled. The US military is a huge organization, and it takes time to sort out all the details.

          • Sean Richardson

            I thought that was the logic for the delay of the repeal itself; that is, they had to wait until the Defense Secretary said they were ready.

      • drsquid

        One wonders what he’ll do in September when he can’t martyr himself over DADT anymore.

  • jjasonham

    Next is DOMA, hopefully.