Open Thread

Don’t Tread On Who?

Artist - David Fitzsimmons

In other news, a new CBS poll shows that 71% of all voters disapprove of the Republicans handling of debt-ceiling negotiations, and the offices of Grover Norquist were evacuated today after a bomb threat was called in. A search turned up no explosives.

President Obama is addressing the nation tonight at 9 p.m. EST. I will update with video as soon as it becomes available.


  • Anthony

    Presented with no comment

  • muselet
  • Bob McIntosh

    I changed channels during President Obama’s speech. I found it expectedly odd that Faux News’ audio made him sound tinny, with all of his “s’s” and “t’s” exaggerated (the highs seemed to be bumped up). Nothing like MSNBC and CNN. Way to play with your audio processing, Fox. (in fairness, MSNBC’s audio during Speaker Boehner’s reBUTTal allowed a harsh echo that the other two did not have.)

  • OsborneInk

    Anyone else notice how he turned the whole “household finances” frame around by talking about a credit card?

    I’ll go further than the president. It’s long past time our movement stopped whining about one man and assembled a big, raucous crowd in DC to confront this Congress. I don’t understand why US UNCUT isn’t doing that. I don’t understand why no one is trying to Restore Sanity to the branch where crazy reigns supreme.

    • JMAshby

      True story: I was attacked on twitter by a US Uncut representative. He/She ranted about the debt ceiling and said we shouldn’t be raising it.

      I noticed, and I also noticed the part where after baiting Republicans into clamoring for entitlement cuts, he hit them for it.

  • nicole

    Great speech from the president!

    Adding…..Boehner is such a liar.

    “Here is a president who demanded the largest spending increase in history, from a president who went on the largest spending binge in history. ”

    Adding again…… it’s like we’re on the verge of a frigging civil war.

    • Scopedog

      Sure seems that way.

      But–and forgive me for sounding cynical–it seems that there are jerks on either side who want the shooting to start, and have not a jot of concern for any innocents caught in the crossfire.

      But maybe that’s just me….

      • nicole

        There are more and bigger “jerks” on the right. No comparison.

        • Scopedog

          Very true. I just wish they didn’t have the biggest microphones (or that the MSM still coddle them).

    • dildenusa

      I just caught the end of it. I was out watering my veggie garden. Peppers, cucumbers, onions. I’n gonna need em for the crapture.

      • nicole

        I envy you. :) Prior to my divorce, I spent at least 25 hours a week in my garden. Kept me sane.

        • Scopedog

          My Dad has had a great garden for the past few years (minus trouble with the occasional pest), but I have to say–he’s the calmest, sanest person I know.

          • nicole

            Yeah, I think gardening, planting beauty or sustenance, is sanity inducing. :)

    • jjasonham

      Boehner has no idea how much damage he and the Tea Party continues to inflict on the GOP. I feel like it’s more of a revolution than a civil war. These congressional extremists are absolutely deaf and blind.

      • Scopedog

        Hmmm…what disturbs me is that they DO know that they have unleashed a major s**tstorm across the country….and they do not care.

        They just do not give a damn.