Open Thread

Eat The Poor

Artist - Pat Bagley

In other news, former first lady Betty Ford died last night at the age of 93, and South Sudan became the world's newest country.

Programming note -- I will be out of town tomorrow and Monday.

  • Edward

    Good luck to the republic of southern Sudan.

  • Robert Scalzi

    And in other news today :
    Let me preface this by saying that the headlines in damn near every newspaper and news blog had this headline yesterday ” SOCIAL SECURITY IS ON THE TABLE” regarding the debt ceiling negotiations.

    So after the collective unnecessary Freak out lately among some on left, Boehner rejected the White House offer of historic cuts to social safety nets because taxes would also be raised on the wealthiest Americans and Oil and gas companies would lose many of their sweetheart tax deals (the cuts to social programs were offered w/ the knowledge that Boehner would reject the offer ) …

    Boehner said in a statement Saturday evening “that he can not agree to the tax increases Democrats insisted on as part of the bargain.”

    Hopefully this will open the eyes of independent voters and the idiot Firebaggers who are damn near losing their fucking minds , that the Prez is a helluva lot better chess player on big issues than the Re/Tea/fuckheads and also hopefully woke up the firebaggin and independent voters that the goddamned Re/te/fuckers are just dishonest twits and traitors and remind them Obama is doing a pretty fucking good job in the face of the attacks from the nitwits on the (so called uber)left and batshit crazy right .

    • ranger11

      The hysterical left are like the fish I used to catch in the lake next to my house as a boy. They bite at every worm that’s offered and they bite hard.

  • dildenusa

    So Boehner called President Obama on the phone today to tell him that he was rejecting the grand bargain of 1 trillion in tax increases over 10 years for 3 trillion in cuts over 10 years. Instead, Boehner will have the house present its own plan of 2 trillion in cuts. So the republicans get less spending cuts and not much cuts to entitlements which is what the republicans wanted in the first place. What is with these people?

  • Dee

    Travel safe Jordan, and Good luck!

  • Kari Hope

    Out of town? Sorry, not allowed. :) Have a safe journey wherever you may be.