Impeach! Impeach!

The Republicans -- plural -- are actually considering impeachment over the president's potential use of the 14th Amendment to circumvent Congress on raising the debt ceiling. ThinkProgress's Scott Keyes spoke with Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX) who spilled the beans:

KEYES: Congressman Tim Scott of South Carolina yesterday in a town hall said if President Obama were to just ignore the debt ceiling, then he might be favoring bringing up articles of impeachment. Is that something that you’ve heard discussed much among your colleagues?

OLSON: A little bit. Right now, we’re focused on negotiations. We’re optimistic here. We hope the president will work with us. We’re very clear on our positions from our leadership all the way down to the most junior of the freshmen members. No increase in the debt limit without at least $2.2 trillion in cuts and savings. Again, not getting it through tax increases.

FANG: So Congressman Scott, is he just a lonely voice or are there a large number of people who are talking about this?

OLSON: He’s not a lonely voice. All of us out there, we’re getting closer to a place where we’ve never gone in our country’s history. So we’re all sort of learning as we go. We’ve never gotten to the point where we’ve defaulted, potentially, on our debt. So we’re looking at other options out there because this is new ground for all of us.

There's just no off-position on the unserious switch, is there?

  • DH Fabian

    Very seriously, I think what we need to do is begin by impeaching Boehnner, charging the right wing extremists like Paul Ryan with insurrection, and haul the Tea Party before the Dept. Homeland Security for being a threat to the United States.

  • Bubble Genius

    Darrell Issa was talking about impeaching President Obama before he even took office. The Repubs have a wild hair up their ass about this.

    It’s just the next GOP-logical step up from the last time we had a Democratic President and a Republican-controlled House or Senate: Travelgate/Vince Foster/Whitewater/Lewinsky. Take up as much floor time (and airtime) as possible screeching about things that turn out to be dead ends or a bunch of bullshit, and don’t get any REAL work done. They don’t know how to legislate. They haven’t the first fucking clue how to create jobs, they just know they don’t want the other guys to beat them at the job-creation thing because it makes them look bad.

  • Bob Rutledge


    On a related note, I’m in serious need of The List that Bob links to occasionally, the one that shows all the things that people ignore when they claim that President Obama has done nothing — NOTHING, I TELL YOU — since taking office.

    Apparently my Google-Fu is not strong. Please hep me.

    (ps edit: I need the list to try and show some people the light, not because I don’t believe it)

  • dildenusa

    This is ridiculous nonsense. Clowns like Bohner, Cantor, Ryan, et al, have made a decision to punish innocent people. This is nothing but collective punishment of middle class, working class, retired, and disabled Americans while Wall Street scum bags and corporate thieves get off scott free. Not only that but corporate scum bags get to pocket billions more from middle class and working class Americans who pay taxes.

    The wise ice tea bag partiers have nothing to say except that they will get rid off President Obama one way or anther. If this is their solution to very serious and complex problems then this nation is in the deep fecal material up to its eyeballs.

  • incredulous72

    I’m not surprised. The issue is laughable to say the least. These clowns are the ones that are driving us off the cliff and they’re trying to make it seem as if the President is in the driver’s seat instead of him being in the passenger’s seat.

    Obama won’t cave and Boehner will never go for this. I’m not into giving Boehner credit for anything, but he has proven himself to “not be insane.”

    • maryyooch

      I agree.
      How the hell would President Obama using the 14th Amendment be an Impeachable Offense??
      It doesn’t make any sense!

  • D_C_Wilson

    It’s only a matter of time before the House republicans vote to impeach Obama. The only questions is what pretext will they jump on to justify it. I don’t think Obama has it in him to challenge Congress over the debt limit and whether he has the power to ignore it. But, they will find some other reason for it.