Jackass Quote of the Day

Yes, I know Representative Paul Broun (R-Looneybin) has already been quoted once today, but I just can't let this line slip by.

“Well, Andrea, the thing is, when someone is overextended and broke, they don’t continue paying for expensive automobiles; they sell the expensive automobiles and buy a cheaper one,” Broun explained. “They don’t continue paying for country club dues, they drop out of the country club.”

Yeah, you damn poor people! Drop out of the country club! Sell off your Mercedes! Gosh!

Of course in reality, people who are poor are worried about dinner, not their membership to the fucking yacht club.

  • Brian C

    Simple: Dude’s an idiot.

    • Scopedog

      Actually, Brian, it would be better to say, “Dude’s a f***ing idiot.”

      Just saying….

  • Lexamich

    My goodness, these Republidummies always manage to find a way to suck up to moneyed interests.

    They do it even when they’re railing against the poor.

    Don’t be confused.

    He’s not expecting anyone who possesses such articles to NOT keep their expensive vehicles and what-have-you.

    He’s preemptively defending others right to have these things on the backs of the “overextended and broke.”

    He’s actually saying subconsciously that if he himself possessed any of these articles he brings up, he’d personally NEVER give them up. He’s basically justifying his party’s poor conduct because he believes there are others conducting themselves poorly in other respects. He’s also trying to cast himself as a crusader, but that goes with the territory with a Republicon suffering from delusions of grandeur.

    With that said, he’s claiming that there are people that are “overextended and broke” (like the House Republicons, morally-speaking) that are being irresponsible with…something (they’re broke, see). He realized the stupidity of his starting point, so he pretends to have a broader point about “shared sacrifice.” However, he reveals just how beholden to pretenses he really is. He casts not the actual holders of “expensive automobiles” and “country club dues” as irresponsible, but, say, a college student that would like to one day earn enough of a living to buy a home for a family of five.

    But…it sounds like he’s actually criticizing people for owning expensive things and indulging in meaningless leisure activities like country-clubbin’, right?


    He’s telling that college student that he should not aspire to be anything other than a peon that doesn’t earn enough to own certain items like some OTHER people that already have these things. The “overextended and broke” mention reveals all of this if you read it carefully along with the rest of his bullshit, including the previous bit about the “debt ceiling” being “lowered.”

    The representative is essentially closing off the American dream to those but the most affluent, most of whom are no longer “dreaming.”

    The stupidity about “expensive cars” and “country club dues” was his little addition to cover up his diminishing of the average American.

    I tell you all, plain and simple, Republicons are villains.

    Suck-ups, sychophants, simpletons, and just plain scumbags.

  • holyreality

    In reality, poor people put off junior’s orthodontist needs, lat the old roof leak, and make do with their old gas hog car.

    Meanwhile Princess’ quarter million dollar playhouse CANNOT be sacrificed!

    Oh the Humanity, she NEEDS that huge thing.

  • hanadora444

    Typical sociopathic pity-party

  • David Strickler

    I like the punctuation with Picard’s “Oh no, not this Sh*t again”