Minnesota Shuts Down

Government Shutdown Fever has gripped the halls of the Minnesota statehouse.

(Reuters) - Minnesota's state government began a broad shutdown on Friday going into the July 4 holiday weekend after the Democratic governor and Republican legislative leaders failed to agree on a budget.

The impasse means around 23,000 of roughly 36,000 state employees will be furloughed, and all but the most critical state functions suspended. Parts of the government had already begun to shut down on Thursday ahead of the midnight deadline.

State parks and campgrounds have closed ahead of what is usually their busiest stretch of the year for the July 4 holiday, and dozens of highway rest stops were shut down for one of the biggest travel days of the year.

The circumstances surrounding the miniature government shutdown of Minnesota is a mirror image of the hostage crisis currently taking place in Washington.

Like their capital hill counterparts, the Republicans of Minnesota are demanding that the state budget be balanced through spending-cuts alone while ruling revenue increases off the table. Even if the Democrats of Minnesota are willing to meet them halfway, or perhaps even two-thirds of the way, they still can't reach an agreement.

Because of Republican's hostage-taking on this fourth of July weekend, parks will be closed, the zoo will be closed, rest areas will be shuttered, and a number of concerts that were scheduled to be held in public venues will be canceled.

Happy Holiday America!

  • delosgatos

    Isn’t it great to be free from any sense of community larger than the immedaite family? Neanderthals had it all figured out. Apparently according to the GOP it’s all been downhill from there.

  • laddieluv

    I’m a life long MN resident.

    Dayton has a spine. Love him. (Timmy ScrewPlenty is a thief, a hypocrite and a lying sack ‘o Oh. And I live in Bachidiot’s district. Feel sorry for me yet? grins.)

    The rethugs can go to he.ll. Human hemorrhoids, all.

    Extortion, yet again.

    • LoewLife

      Is there a profanity filter that i’m not aware of here? Testing… (shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker tits.)

      Either way, I appreciate your sentiments, but I think that refering to Pawlenty as ScrewPlenty, or Bachman as Bachidiot, or republicans as rethuglicans, is an annoying, immature mannerism that makes us look like children.

      Other than that, I agree to your sentiments exactly. Cheers from your neighbor to the south, and I look forward to many MN fishing trips in the future.


      • laddieluv

        Hey, “southern neighbor.” I’m “venting.” And it’s cathartic. My frustration level is off the charts re: gopers/baggers/wing nutz.

        And until you go through the he.ll that we/I have as MN residents with these complete bigoted, religious whack jobs, (who don’t care one bit for the middle class), keep your judgments of how I say things to youself. Please.

        I’m a retired HS teacher. As an “old” lady, I’ll “wear purple” if I want. And if the greedy, whack job, “what’s mine is mine; what’s yours is negotiable” rethugs don’t get their act together re: the debt ceiling, I’m about to lose the little bit of retirement savings I have left. After teaching for 35 years.

        So you think I’m not going to express myself accordingly when I can? HA!

        What I say in this blog does NOT reflect on you, btw. If you think it does, you need a med check. stat.

        Gawd, I get so annoyed with some guy telling me I cannot characterize these thieves and liars the way I want.

        Do you have a CLUE what Timmy Pee did to this state? What “Moronella McDimbulb” continues to do? Evidentally not.

        We had storms last night. I’m sick this morning. And I’m in no mood for “judgment” from a stranger.

        But Happy 4th to you. From the state that’s shut down because rethugs don’t care about anyone except themselves, their wallets, their rich friends, their bigotry, and their religious “nuttery” which they think they can force on everyone else.


      • The_Dork_Knight

        And somewhere, George Carlin smiles… well done.

        • nicole

          No, Carlin would not be smiling.

          Censorship of language is a right wing tool. It is not a tool of the left, and it is, in itself, immature, and full of judgement.

          Adding,,,,okay, now I’m going back to coughing up a lung and then, hopefully, sleep. [sick…..which I point out so you know I won’t be around much today to argue, which I also know will make you very happy]

          • The_Dork_Knight

            I was referring to Loews use of Carlin’s “seven dirty words”. So much for that truce, huh?

            I hope you feel better soon.

          • laddieluv

            Please feel better, Nicole.

            Sending you “good vibes,” mon amie.

  • Ned F

    And they’ll blame the democrats. sigh.

    • BAS123

      Not necessarily. I’m in MN, and judging by water cooler talk at work yesterday, nobody is buying what the Republicans are trying to sell. People are FURIOUS–mostly at the legislature, not at Governor Dayton. They’re not buying the “Oh, we can’t raise taxes” line, because if the budget isn’t balanced everyone’s property taxes will go up to make up the difference. They agree with Dayton that the budget shortfall cannot be entirely financed by children, the elderly, the disabled, and the disadvantaged any longer. We’re still Minnesota nice, we just haven’t shown it electorally in awhile.

  • Dee

    A once GREAT state!!! The changes I’ve personally seen there, are astounding… And… Jesse Ventura was a pretty good Governor! He beat the hell out of Pawlenty of Trouble!!!