Morning Awesome

Morning Awesome

Happy Independency Day! Here's my favorite scene from the classic John Adams miniseries from HBO. For Michele Bachmann, I'd like to emphasize that it's John Adams in that scene -- not John Quincy Adams who was nine years old when the Declaration of Independence was signed.

And to Republican leaders John Boehner, Herman Cain and Sarah Palin, this is about the Declaration -- not the Constitution. They're two very different documents.

Minimal (at best) blogging here today, so enjoy this thread to chat among yourselves.

  • incredulous72

    Happy Fourth All!

    I hope everyone has great hotdog/hamburger/veggie burger eatin’, beer guzzling, white wine/sangria sippin’ day.

  • dildenusa

    Michele Bachmann is very dangerous to freedom and our way of life. She is being coached by her husband who is presenting her as a cult leader. This is what the founders feared and put checks and balances in the constitution to prevent this. The problem is the founders only had the media of the printed word and not mass media like radio, television, and the internet.

  • dildenusa

    The mangling of history and confusing the US Constitution with the Declaration of Independence wouldn’t be such a blunder if it wasn’t for the whacko tea bag partiers who then run to wikipedia to edit the entry that has been mangled. Michele and Sarah should know better. I have an idea. Why don’t they read a book? Then they won’t seem so out of touch with the people they claim to represent. The real Americans. If they read a book, even if it was one of Anne Coulter’s or Pat Buchanan’s books they might realize that claiming to represent the real Americans requires a sense of history and not just parroting what you hear Rush or Beck say.

    • incredulous72

      Because they’re allergic to the lurnin’. ;-)

  • Robert Scalzi

    Alas I don’t get HBO so last night and early this AM I watched “The Revolution” on History channel international not the best but plenty informative especially the 1st 4 episodes (I highly recommend it for teatards especially the ones that live or have lived in one of the original 13 colonies )

    then after finishing up “the Revolution” it was time to get my 4th rolling ….I have to admit to a 4th of July guilty pleasure of mine….. which is watching A truly American event Celebrating Conspicuous Consumption and Gluttony that is the Nathans Hot Dog Eating contest @ Coney Island. Congrats to Joey Chestnut and Sonja Thomas who won the “Yellow Mustard” belts eating 62 and 40 hot dogs and buns respectively.
    Yeah I know it celebrates everything that is wrong w/ America “conspicuous consumption and gluttony” but somehow it kicks off the 4th of July in just the right way for me…..

    now it’s time to get the grill ready, pop a beer, smoke a J and relax
    Happy Independence day !!!!

    poll question of the day : how many teatards will confuse the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution Today ???

    • dildenusa

      An interesting statistic that between Memorial Day and July 4th, Americans eat over 800 hot dogs a second.

      • Robert Scalzi

        Wow, that’s 2,488,320,000 hot dogs in roughly 36 days 0r 8.3 dogs per person or roughly 1 dog a week for every man, woman , and child in the country…. I must say I’m stunned that number is so low….

    • laddieluv

      Answer: All of them.

      Baggers/wing nutz are “stoopid.”

      And they wouldn’t know a fact if it smacked ‘em across their empty heads.

      Pass the “booze.”

  • Bob Rutledge

    Today is named after the day that the Teabaggers do their In Depends Dance. It’s true, because I read it on Conserve-the-pee-dia.

    Loved the John Adams miniseries, but today is the day to watch 1776 in this house. :)

    Also, re the open thread bit… did y’all hear about FauxNews Twitter feed?

    • Bob Rutledge

      Read the book, too, when it first came out, and would love to read the John & Abigail Letter book, but — oddly enough — it’s hard to find books, in English, about the US Founding Fathers here in Costa Rica.

      Silly Ticos, not bowing to the exceptionalism that is Los Estados Unidos.

  • dildenusa

    The wise ice tea bag partiers sitting on their couches watching Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin on the electronic moronic box as Michele and Sarah prance across the national stage seem to have lost the meaning of independence. They have failed to understand that their freedoms are not being taken away by the government. All of us, our freedoms are being taken away bit by bit by the corporatist mantra of “maximizing share holder value.” Following this mantra, the corporatists have hollowed out the vast middle class that made this nation what it is.

    The wise ice tea bag partiers focus on government as the villian in this is because that’s what their hero, Ronnie Raygun, did. They can’t see the forest for the trees. If the wise ice tea bag partiers would just look critically at Ronnie Raygun and Thomas Jefferson, they would see that for Jefferson government was the solution not the problem. It always has been the solution. It is only since the end of The Civil War that government has made a “pact with the devil” so to speak with the devil being the corporatist. Now the wise ice tea bag partiers believe that taking that pact with the devil to its logical conclusion and removing any remaining constraints on the corporatists behavior will solve our problems. That’s ridiculous nonsense. The corporatists want to push us over the cliff of the economic abyss, not pull us back to safety.

    Now in the last 50 or so years we have made this pact with corporatists who not only make soap and toothpaste, but with corporatists who make guns and bombs. The rampant corruption resulting from the defense industry being in bed with our political and military leaders is sending us down the tubes to the sewer of history.

    • Robert Scalzi

      Well Said

    • laddieluv


      We have a winner.

  • willpen

    If you enjoy the mini-series, reading the book will definitely enhance the experience of watching it. I read this masterpiece when it first came out and I was transfixed. This story has led me on an almost a ten year journey of all things Revolutionary. Reading about our founding only makes me more intensely aware of the problems that we are now facing in this country. These were great men but they were also very flawed and oh so very human… this is something that we need to make our children understand so that our history can be looked at with clarity instead of the rose colored glasses that way too many look through today.

    • laddieluv

      Absolutely agree. Especially re: how flawed and human these men were. And the “rose colored glasses” label. Couldn’t be more true.

      I did buy the book by David McCullough upon which the series was based. Am frustrated in my “old” age with my inability to read as prolifically and as long as I was able to in my youth. And this from a (retired) English teacher. HA! Reading is everything to me.

      So I’ve had to rely more on “visual” stories.

      Also bought a book about the letters between John and Abigail. The whole relationship simply captivated me.

      I’m 66. Am operating on an “expiration date.” HA! So I tend to accept my limitations with minimal frustrations. And do the best I can.

      My original point? That your comment was so very well said.

      • Alan Fors

        AJ – try audio books. They are wonderful. I started “reading” that way when I had a two-hour a day commute, but still love the audiobooks now that it’s only 20 minutes each way.

        Lots of good history books on audio too. I’m currently litening to “1861: The Civil War Awakening” by Adam Goodheart. Great listen.

  • laddieluv

    Have HBO’s “John Adams” on as I write this.

    HBO is showing a repeat viewing today in its totality. Started at 7 a.m. CSDT.

    Do enjoy this series. Have it on blu ray disc. All awards well deserved, IMO. Amazing soundtrack.

    Love Ben Franklin (Tom Wilkinson) saying, “I believe anybody not in favor of moderation and compromise ought to be castrated….” HA! I picture all the crazy, extreme, obstructionist goper/wing nutz lined up for their “punishement.”

    Bachmann needs to at least watch (since she, like Paylin, doesn’t practice reading comprehension) this award winning mini series. Oh. That’s right. Her attention span isn’t that long. She certainly would be exposed to a great deal of “truth” re: the founding fathers. Especially re: slavery.

    Happy BDay, USA.