New O'Keefe Video is a Flop

The little matchstick twerp James O'Keefe targeted "widespread Medicaid fraud" in Ohio with his latest video. And even with heavily edited footage, the sting/Jackass operation flopped.

The video is a compilation of several clips, showing two men, posing as Russian drug smugglers who own an expensive car, visiting offices of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services in Columbus, Marion County, Madison County, and Franklin County, Ohio. The men are asking about applying for Medicaid for their father and are not applying for Medicaid coverage for themselves.

All of the clips are edited, and the presentation concludes with the "uncut" video of the visit to the office in Columbus. In the videos, the government employees help the two men through the application process, and the worker in Columbus emphasizes that she cannot definitively say whether or not their father is eligible to receive Medicaid. This worker is also clear that assets such as insurance and cars registered in their father's name have to be declared on the application.

That's right. Nothing awful happened.

Nevertheless, I fully expect Breitbart and Eric Cantor to wrap their douchey mouths around this one, even though they found nothing wrong. But it's grainy hidden camera footage! It must be awful! Medicaid is for poor people! BOOOO!

  • eugenethemarine

    Ahem, Bob! That would be Convicted Criminal “little matchstick twerp James O’Keefe”…

  • muselet

    On the bright(ish) side, the only place I’ve seen anyone mention O’Keefe’s latest fraud is online. Maybe even our wonderful news media is fed up with him.