POTUS Appoints Openly-Gay Activist to West Point

President Obama has appointed openly-gay Knights Out co-founder Brenda Fulton as an adviser at West Point.

To quote the infamous Joe Biden, "this is a big fuckin' deal."

An openly gay co-founder of Knights Out, Brenda S. 'Sue' Fulton, has been named to the Board of Visitors of the United States Military Academy on Tuesday.

The board advises President Barack Obama on the West Point military academy.

Fulton's appointment was announced in a White House press release. Her presidential appointment does not require Senate confirmation. [...]

In addition to serving as the executive director of Knights Out, an organization of LGBT West Point graduates and allies, she's also a founding board members of OutServe, the nascent group dedicated to LGBT people serving in the military. She graduated from West Point in 1980 and currently lives in New Jersey.

Clearly we are living under the worst president ever for gay rights.

  • Josh Dobbin

    Reading your posts makes me want to not-like the president.

    • LTMidnight

      If that’s the case, the dislike is already there and you’re just looking for an excuse.

  • OsborneInk

    What do you do when the president is “into you”?

  • Wendy Gittleson

    Not happy until he single handedly overturns DOMA, makes gay marriage legal in all 50 states (+ Puerto Rico and Guam) and personally officiates all future gay marriages.

  • imavettoo

    Is her name Bredna or Brenda? Can’t have it both ways JM.

    • Wendy Gittleson


  • Rob in Denver
  • Dee

    Hmmm…. 2 steps forward, and one step back??? I can’t think of another analogy… Encouraged, none-the-less…