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The Bubble Genius Bob & TBD Show 7/15/11

Bob's Blog Tech Support Nightmare; Bob Welcomes Guest Co-Host Shannyn Moore: The Ascension of Sarah Palin; The Evolution of the Word Salad; Palin Quit Her Lawsuit Against the Press; The Debt Ceiling Crisis; The Republican Marketing Strategy; Eric Cantor and the Crazy Caucus; Abortion and Family Values; The Pebble Mine Controversy; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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Bubble Genius

  • JackDaniel07

    Goddamn Awesome Show Sir!
    Shannyn is a treasure for sure, and was friggin killin it hahahaha I love funny women! Brilliant, the both of ya’s.

  • nicole

    Great show, loved listening to Shannon on Palin!

    Shannon, the beer thing wasn’t Michigan…….but I can’t recall which state it was. :-)

  • chris

    best show in a while

  • muselet

    An excellent, informative show with not one, but two firsts: a) a female co-host (should I wag a finger disapprovingly because it took so long?), and b) no geek.

    Bob, I saw the attached image after I heard the show last night and thought of you.


    • Bob Cesca

      That’s exactly right.

  • gescove

    Terrific show. Thoroughly enjoyed Shannyn. Need more… come back soon!

  • holyreality

    I love Shannyn.

    Bob, as a cyclist, I am disappointed that you did not mention anything of the big race in France.

  • Dan_in_DE

    Awesome! way stoked about the new cohost announcement coming next week..

    I hope you’ll continue to get cool guests to come on though – I bet there are a lot of seriously awesome people willing to do it.