The Cost of Minnesota’s Government Shutdown

Minnesota Management and Budget spokesman John Pollard on the costs of the government shutdown taking which is still taking place in Minnesota.

[...] The state is losing $1.25 million per day from lost lottery sales; $40,000 to $50,000 per week is lost from the Department of Transportation MnPass collections; and $80,000 is lost in the first week from the Giants Ridge golf course and convention center.

The state park closures are costing the state around $200,000 a day, the Washington Post reports.

Pollard couldn't offer an estimate of the total lost revenue from the Department of Administration, due to not collecting parking fees; the Department of Health, from various licenses; and the Department of Education, from teachers' licenses.

Ultimately, Pollard said he expects the government shutdown to cost the state more than it saves, because of the various "planning and execution costs that would not have normally occurred."

Cost the state more than it saves -- meaning the savings which the Republicans of Minnesota are holding the government hostage over are essentially being wiped out by the side-effects of the government shutdown.

Of course if the federal government defaults on its debt obligations next month, the point is moot.

  • BuffaloBuckeye

    I’d be curious to see what the delta is between the estimated money lost vs. ‘saved’. I say ‘saved’ in the theoretical sense, since wages are likely recycled back into MN economy; you know for food, etc.

    This is a perfect model for other potential shutdowns, because the GOP isn’t concerned about revenues. UFB.

  • Olivia

    As one of the laid off workers, I hope it goes on for a month. The last time they laid us off, Pawlenty tried to show that there was a minimum effect and we weren’t needed. This time, I want people to feel the pain. I hope Governor Dayton can hold out against the baggers in the legislature.