Republican Party

Then They Came For Our Booze

The state government of Minnesota is still shut down, and the economic costs of the shutdown continue to pile up.

First it was park closures and canceled fourth of July events. Now Minnesota is running out of beer! The horror!

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Tuesday that bars, restaurants and stores are already running out of supplies because many of them must renew their $20 state-issued alcohol purchasing cards before replenishing inventories.

Already 425 establishments have been left with expired cards and it’s just expected to get worse. Another 116 cannot buy liquor because they can’t pay their delinquent tax bills.

“This is going to treadmill across the whole state the longer [the Republican lawmakers] hold out,” Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton told the paper. “It’s going to hit every bar and restaurant that needs a liquor license.”

“This doesn’t just affect retailers, but wholesalers, and the manufacturers, and wedding parties, and church functions, and one day liquor licenses for charity events, and festivals and the list goes on and on and on,” Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association’s Frank Ball told KARE 11.

Why do Minnesota Republicans hate business so much? Is this really worth refusing to raise taxes by even a single penny?

Which is worse -- paying 1% more in taxes, or going out of business entirely?

I applaud Governor Mark Dayton's determination.

  • incredulous72

    It’s not only the booze they’re taking away, it’s the cigarettes too.

    I’m no smoker, but if the republicans don’t want an all out rebellion to erupt, they’d better give those folks their cigarettes.

    Have you ever been around someone going cold turkey?
    Have Mercy.

  • janefromhell

    They’re practicing Drinker Suppression in Wisconsin too. Hell hath no fury like a drunken scorned drunk. Also.

  • Dee

    OH NO… this would mean NO Maker’s Mark!!!! Well, can’t go visit the Minnesota kids, till the Republicans get back to work! ;)

    • Dan_in_DE

      Yeah, this is completely uncivil. I think I’m losing my grip – in solidarity with the Minnesotans – whhhaaaat?!?!? no whiskey??°°

  • Dan_in_DE

    That’s truly effed up – you’d think that the R’s above all would get the whole thing of anaesthetizing oneself to the shitty outside world. Seeing as how they’re commited to making it ever shittier..

  • incredulous72

    Uuuuh, yeah.
    If I lived in Minnesota, that would pretty much do it for me.

    Time to find a new Home State. ;-)

    • laddieluv

      I live in MN.

      Understand completely what you’re saying.

      However after having Timmy ScrewPlenty as guv and living in Moronella McDimbulb Bachmann’s district, I’m heartened that we have Mark Dayton. A governor with a spine.

      Oddly enough the rethugs don’t believe in anything but paying more to the rich and puting the bill on education, the poor and seniors.

      And gawd forbid we ever have any revenue to grow the economy. Pffffft.

      They won’t even agree to a temporary tax on cigs. TEMPORARY. Until 2013.

      As Wyatt Earp said: “I wanna kill ‘em all.”

      • incredulous72

        Is there any way for the state to do a recall like Wisconsin? It’s absolutely insane what this new republican party is willing to do to the average American in this country.

    • Brian C

      I lived in MN until last year. If Minnesotans love anything it’s their beer. That state is second only to Wisconsin for number of bars in the state–not per capita, the raw number of bars. The GOP won’t be making any friends fuckin with the beer…If the GOP lets the tap run dry, I expect to see torches and pitchforks on the capitol mall.

      • IrishGrrrl

        You know we’re laughing it up but its true. You can take away a lot of things but when you start taking away people’s alcohol you’d be surprised at how angry people get. I would wager more than a few revolutions and rebellions happened when access to booze was taken away. Hmmmm, sounds like a great research paper topic for a History course.

  • Pat Tibbs

    Republicans aren’t interested in anything except defeating Democrats. They just don’t get the fallout they’re creating for their own party. In other words: they’re dumb.