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What Lawrence O'Donnell Said, Part 2

Once again, Lawrence O'Donnell "decoded" the president's remarks from yesterday with such clarity and laser-guided precision, it really is something to remember and to send to all of your poutraged firebagger friends. Just watch:

  • hanadora444

    Poutraged? Brilliant word! Thank you.

  • Lexamich

    The least this troll can do is spell correctly the name of the man paying the so-called “firebaggers” lip-service.

    I, for one, always find time to credit the “firebaggers” for reminding us all of what not to be: impatient, indignant, and impudent.

    I’ve never bothered to thank them, since they’re so busy thanking themselves.

    Hey, do you think O’Donnell will thank us all when we re-elect Obama next year? That’d be real swell, I think.

  • whenrugonnalearn

    funny how cescans and obots forget the last part of o’donell’s argument, which specifically says that firebaggers and those idiotic and naive progressives are strengthening the president’s argument and negotiations. you’re welcome.

    • JMAshby

      Clearly that part went in one ear and out the other.

      Protesting the president for being willing to discuss cutting something makes it easier for him to cut it in this present situation. Not harder.

      Get a clue.

    • incredulous72

      “you’re welcome.”

      They try and take credit as if that was the firebaggers’ original intentions; to strengthen the President’s negotiating position.


      • nicole

        Unbelievable that this dope would even attempt to talk that up.

    • nicole

      ooooh, a real live wannabe or half a firebagger in living color.

      Doncha wanna call us by Jane’s fav term, “Obamalovers”? After all, “Obots” is becomming passe and “Obamalovers” is just code for that word that firebaggers are just itching to use but can’t. I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.

      • incredulous72



      • likala

        Well actually I’m quite fond of her new term of endearment for us, “stupid motherfuckers”. Coming from a grifting right wing supporting progressive in name only idiot such as her, I consider it a compliment.

    • Staci Bass

      And you’re forgetting the part where he called out the “professional left”, with really clear references to Keith Olberman, Glenn Greenwald and Jane Hamsher as being full of shit.

  • John Conner

    Between him and Rev.Al I’m slowing coming back to MSNBC. And speaking of Rev Al he’s doing a lot better than what Cenk is doing at that time slot.

    • nicole

      I never liked Sharpton previously, primarily because of his slurs on Jews, but he seems to have changed, and I’m beginning to like him a whole lot more.

      • Lexamich

        They have to get Al off those hackneyed scripts the producers shove in his face. When The Rev is off-script, magic happens, I’m telling you. You can tell when he’s not speaking his own words. An excellent orator is turned into a stumblebum in that format. Al’s used to speaking before actual crowds of people, not virtual audiences on cable “news” networks. He’s opening up a little more. If they keep him on, he’ll be a hot commodity and one of the best weapons against what is hopefully a crumbling competitor rife with corruption.

        And speaking on that subject, how are you all liking this bit of karmic retribution being paid to the modern-day Mogul of Maliciousness? I, for one, blame sonny-boy more than pops. Nepotism brings with it sloppiness.

        • nicole

          I completely love that that thug is getting him some of that karma back. I just hope it brings him completely down!

  • dildenusa

    The republicans are obviously in complete denial about what the American people want. Instead of focusing on relevant questions about the economy, they just return to the same old ridiculous nonsense that corporate and special interest lobbyists feed them like Neanderthal children being fed regurgitated pap from their parents.

    The tired old nonsense of Hayek, Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, and Ronnie Raygun needs to be put where it belongs. The dumpster.

    • Brian C

      I don’t think Republicans are so much in denial about what the American people as they are simply clueless…

  • nicole

    A couple of things.

    1. Most of all, the Pres is completely fucking MASTERFUL, and so many IQ points above his Republicon adversaries, they should give up and just go home while their pants remain around their ankles and have not yet entirely disappeared.

    2. O’Donnell was fucking great!

    I think most of us were aware of the politics behind the talking points, with the exception of the idiot firebaggers who are the most politically naive and stupid operatives I have ever in my life seen.

  • Bob Rutledge

    Seeing this posting caused me to remember a couple things (not related to the content, so most of y’all might want to just skip this comment).

    When you posted the first part the other day, I was on a trip with only my iPhone, using Opera Mini. The video did not show up, not even a “to view this, you must….” link. Don’t know enough to know if it’s an iPhone, an Opera Mini thing, or a WordPress thing. Thought you’d want to know, though.

    Also, even though I could log in to Disqus, it was not possible to comment, as the comment box was unclickable. Again, don’t know if that’s a problem with phone/browser/platform or Disqus, but it was quite annoying to not be able to speak up. :)

  • Robert Scalzi

    Score another one for Larry !!
    have great weekend everyone!!

    I’m off to the Eastern Sierra’s for a few days of much needed R & R, it will be nice not knowing WTF is going on for a few days.


  • Brian C

    O’Donnell’s been right on target throughout this whole debate. So far, he’s batting 1.000.

    I have to say it’s quite refreshing to see the president so adroitly playing the opposition, feeding them the rope with which to hang themselves. It’s also gratifying to see them tying the nooses in it so readily.

    Here’s another guy who I think is right on point, particularly with this column: