Worst Person in the World

Orrin Hatch for insisting that the poor should contribute to the ailing economy and deficit.

HATCH: I hear how they’re [Democrats] so caring for the poor and so forth. The poor need jobs! And they also need to share some of the responsibility. Now we don’t want the really poor people who are in poverty to pay income taxes. But 51 percent of all households? And that’s going up by the way because of our friend down in the White House and his allies.

Again, I thought the Republicans were against taxes? But every time they notice that unemployed people aren't paying federal income taxes (they're paying all varieties of other taxes, like sales taxes, etc.) they suddenly become pro-tax. Funny how that works. Meanwhile, super-rich Wall Street people are responsible for this. Why are poor people, who had nothing to do with the recession, responsible for the solution? Orrin?

  • jjasonham

    3 words. Congressional. Term. Limits.

    • Robert Scalzi

      Super shitty Idea jj, not only is the idea unconstitutional at the federal level if it indeed was to happen the lobbyists that now have way too much influence would have ALL the power in Washington. We have state term limits in CA and it has been an unmitigated disaster and now the entrenched lobbyists and special interest groups wield ALL the power in CA. you see when you have term limits it basically neuters the ability for a state rep or senator to have any independence at all. FUCK TERM LIMITS that is why we have elections you dumbass FUCK TERM LIMITS

      • jjasonham

        Hmm. One judge that ruled on this said term limits are “aimed not at achieving order and fairness in the process (of elections) but at preventing a disfavored group of candidates from being elected at all.” I don’t necessarily see how that would play out. You’re not going to convince me that you have to be in congress for 40 years in order to be effective. Maybe you got the Judicial and Legislative branch confused. Lobbyists only have power through elected officials. Entrenched lobbyists…special interest groups…all of these are symptoms that call for campaign finance reform, not arguments for ignoring the benefits of term limits. Way to argue your case.

        • Robert Scalzi

          You don’t know wtf you are talking about. come to the golden state and see who has the power, it is the lobbyists who now hold the keys to the car (and have much more influence over the legislature than they could have ever imagined B4 term limits ) the people that argue for term limits are either doing so because of ridiculous emotional appeals or are the very special interest groups that know they will have more power once they are passed…Term Limits have been an unmitigated disaster where they have been implemented…WE HAVE TERM LIMITS , They are called elections .

          • jjasonham

            You’re an idiot. The problems you have in the state legislature are not exactly parallel to Federal legislature. The corruption that you’re experiencing is there right now and (oh wait!) there are currently no term limits! You can’t blame the current problem on the USE of term limits, because the limits aren’t there, yet! Simple logic would tell anyone that.

  • Edward

    You tsx the rich because they have the money. Poor people don’t have money that is why we call them poor. Hatch is such a dumb ass.

  • trgahan

    The Tea Party has Orrin directly in its sights as “not being conservative enough” for not supporting the marginalization of minorities and legalizing the bullying immigrants (legal or not) in Utah. So he is facing the first real primary election challenge in probably a decade and I expect he is forced to up the “batshit” talk in order to save his skin.

  • David Strickler

    Hatch, like Ryan and Cantor should be in a Straight Jacket and subjected to necessary multiple Exorcisms along with appropriate psychiatric care. How did Junk Economics become so prominent in the USA (aside from mental illness)

  • mrbrink

    A U.S. Senator of the free world.

    I love the sarcastic tone in:

    “I hear how they’re so caring for the poor and so forth.”


    “…because of our friend down in the White House and his allies.”

    Incidentally, I can’t access Mother Jones right now to get to Overworked America: 12 Charts that Will Make Your Blood Boil which should be grounds for immediate revolt, starting with the physical overthrow and imprisonment of the Republican party, who’ve moved far beyond old timey partisan politics and petty obstruction and are now openly mocking the victims of their all out class warfare– from new Jersey to Wisconsin to the U.S. Senate.

    The time for simple shaming is at a close.

    They feel no shame. They feel no empathy. They are at war with the constitution and domestic tranquility. They’re stealing our democracy. They’re stealing our commons. They’re stealing our national wealth and laughing like Chis Christie’s third talking quato chin.

    What the F is wrong with these people?!

  • Brutlyhonest

    Speaking of senators who are asshats, check out what king dipshit inhofe has been up to: A while back, he landed on a closed runway then blamed everyone else (yeah, shocker). Instead of taking his license, the FAA ordered him to have remedial training. He bitched and moaned about that, but has now gone one step further by introducing legislation “invoking lawmakers’ responsibility to “prevent agency overreach.” ”

    While it would be appropriate for pilots facing enforcement action to have access to information used against them, it’s another classic privileged few not giving a shit until they are personally affected. In this case, he screwed up royally, got off easy, and is still seeking revenge. Also, another case of requiring an agency to do more work while not funding them to do what they’re already tasked to do.

    • muselet

      There are a fair number of pilots who comment at TPM, and they’ve had lots to say about James Inhofe, including some good advice from tiowally:

      Scared of certain flying objects?  Go to and on the left-hand column under Private Plane Tracker enter the fuselage number N115EA and it will give you the location (approx. 5 minute lag-time) of the interminably disgruntled Senator’s airplane.

      Also, note that in the top right-hand corner is an “Alert Me” button. Safety first, you know.


  • muselet

    Why are poor people, who had nothing to do with the recession, responsible for the solution?

    Silly liberal. Don’t you remember? The world economy was crashed by all those poor darkies buying houses. Wall Street had absolutely nothing to do with that—those CDOs they cooked up were perfectly sound until Fannie and Freddie gave home loans to anyone who asked. So, of course, poor people have an obligation to clean up their mess.


    Orrin Hatch needs to go far, far away.


  • Greatbear

    I’ll give Hatch credit for at least being honest. Most other republicans won’t admit that their goal is to screw over the poor and middle class.

  • dildenusa

    More reverse Robin Hood policies. And a majority of Americans see through this. But there is always a small minority of poor laid off workers the republicans and ice tea bag partiers can count on to say that one day they will be very wealthy and they don’t want to pay higher taxes. Oh, really? When will that day come? Don’t hold your breath. You’ll be waiting until our sun turns into a red giant.