Worst Persons

Worst Persons

State Representative Mary Kiffmeyer on the government shutdown taking place in Minnesota.

"It's not about revenue," Kiffmeyer said. "It's about a tax increase, because they want to go after those who've actually worked hard."

Because only millionaires work hard.

Representative Mary Kiffmeyer of Minnesota. Today's worst person in the world.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R2OPPKURRNWL7OYXYECQMCFW5I Anthony

    Do we know for a fact that the Republicans who suck Corporate Cock (TM) have stock in said companies?

    If so, not only are they protecting the rich, they’re making the country suffer to protect their (the Republicans’) fortune. The Party of Property over People.

    Bring this out and spread it about. Really start hurting them for this upcoming election.

    Adding… A little bumper sticker idea to share on the internets.

  • muselet

    I’ve argued before that much of the Rs’ economic philosophy is indistinguishable from the Prosperity Gospel: if you’re virtuous, God will provide whatever it is you need/want. If you start from that proposition, it’s easy to invert the equation and conclude that the wealthy are virtuous. It’s a load of cobblers—frankly, it’s delusional—but it is an obvious conclusion from the original assumption.

    Still …

    “… they want to go after those who’ve actually worked hard.”

    Those who’ve actually worked hard.

    The mind reels.


  • trgahan

    It doesn’t anger me when one person says something this ignorant. Not even when that person was elected to represent a segment of our country. What completely pisses me off is to think that there are tens of thousands who say “Hell, Yeah! Free Loadin’ Poor People! They have it so sweet in this nation!”

    I never knew it was so hard to be an affluent person in this country.

  • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

    What douche nozzle! I mean, really? It never occurs to these people that you can work your ass off and never have enough money to pay the bills much less invest in the future. People this either never worked in this crappy service economy or they did so only to make extra money along with Mom and Dad gave them. They have no idea what it takes to make it out of poverty in this country.

  • laddieluv

    As a lifelong MN resident, I am disgusted that this POS bagger/wing nut takes up oxygen in my state that is needed by deserving WORKING people.

    Despise her.

    Despise with a passion every goper/refu.klican in this state that is NOT working to tax the rich. And start the government working again.

    We need revenue. Since Timmy Pee spent like a “drunken sailor,” cooked the books and left us with a $5.1 BILLION deficit after he inherited a surplus, even the former GOP governor, Arne Carlson, blames Timmy Pee for the entire deficit and for current MN shutdown. Don’t believe me? Google it.

    Do not understand how the right can be so clueless as to think an economy will start up and grow by “starving” it and decimating the middle class. Clueless, selfish, kool aid drinking fu.k heads that they are.

    All rethugs in MN are complicit to the current pain. They need to give up their salaries, too, during this travesty. Dems are willing. Whadda’ ya’ think the rethugs said when asked to sacrifice?

    Bad enough gopers have “gutted” education to the point where teachers are treated like gum on the bottom of the gopers’ shoes. And have to buy their own supplies. And a teacher’s pay? Joke. Major joke. As a retired teacher (over 30 years), I speak from experience. And frustration.

    Battered women’s shelters are closed. The blind have lost reading services. For starters.

    At least the judge voted to re-open our wonderful zoo. One family had driven all the way from South Carolina to spend time at the MN Zoo this holiday weekend. That family is happy. At least. A couple smiles and a few dollars of revenue for the state during this reTHUGlican-driven extortion.

    Mark Dayton has a spine. Thank you for that, Zeus.

  • Chachizel

    I just do not understand why anyone that is poor, middle class, female, black, hispanic, or basically anyone that isn’t a rich old white guy would even consider voting for these tools. Drives me crazy.

  • Byproxy73

    Like the rest of us in the disappearing middle class don’t “actually work hard”. This woman is a piece of work.

  • Robert Scalzi

    Most millionaires and billionaires earned their money the old fashioned way…

    they inherited it…

    what a fucking good for nothing tool Kiffmeyer is. she should be ashamed , but since she’s a Teafucker/Republi-CON she’s biologically pre-disposed to be void of feeling shame

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SB5JIZ2SECH22ZDQ36N4ASFZH4 Yeepbnbn Yeep


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