A Baffling New Mandate

"It's clearly hard to imagine anyone having Steve King on purpose."

via Dave Krebs

  • ShitMcFuckensteinAVC

    He was really on fire with this segment. One of the best in a while.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Colbert really nailed this, but “Hickory Smoke Lady” is really coming out and saying what is at the heart of the GOP’s recent assault on women’s rights: A genuine fear among republicans that women actually enjoy sex and don’t just do it to please us guys. They’re afraid is they can’t either stigmatize female sexuality or load it up with fear of pregnancy/STDs, women will actually take control of their own sex lives and cease being submissive to men.

    • Brian C

      They trot out the same ol’ bullshit conservatives always have about sexuality whenever anyone talks about having sex education in schools or providing birth control to women of any age. I remember hearing the same arguments when I was a kid during the ’50s.