A Brief Word About Firebagger-Gate

We often hector Harry Reid and other Democrats for not having a spine.

The "professional left" or firebaggers or the lefty blogosphere? Grow a spine.

The "offending" email contained the text of a blog post and advised that recipients read the post. So, and...?

Sandoval didn't say he agreed with the content of the blog post. But who knows -- maybe Sandoval loved the post with big gooey hippie-punching love. I have no idea. But even if Sandoval wrote the offending "firebagger" post, who cares? Progressives suddenly can't take some criticism from an OFA rep... from New Mexico?

Personally, I totally disagree with the meat of the post about the debt ceiling deal. I don't like the deal and will never like it. But good gravy. If we're going to play in the bigs, we need to get a freaking backbone already and stop pissing our pullups every time someone who's tangentially associated with the administration blurts out an offhanded or ill-advised remark.

  • nicole

    gah…. i just made the mistake of reading the comments at Huffpost, something I haven’t done in many months. Nothing but delusional firebaggers and right wing morons and trolls. Sickening.

    • GrafZeppelin127

      It is getting progressively worse over there. By next year I don’t think I’ll be able to stomach it.

      • nicole

        It really is. I saw none of the old timers I used to post with. I’m sure that some are still there, but the firebaggers & rw trolls have pretty much “taken over”.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I’ll re-post something I wrote the other day, which I think is apropos:

    I firmly believe that Barack Obama is the most hated president in my lifetime, in terms of the volume and intensity of the hatred directed his way, not to mention the irrational and counter-factual bases thereof. The Right hates him for being what he isn’t (a radical Muslim left-wing commie-socialist ideologue bent on destroying America), and because such blind, reflexive hatred is all they have left given the grotesque failures of their own ideology; while the Left hates him for being what he is (a pragmatic centrist more interested in governing than campaigning), and because they are never satisfied with what Democratic officeholders accomplish.

    The Right enjoys feeling oppressed and victimized by Democrats; the Left enjoys feeling disappointed and betrayed by them. Conversely, while the Left enjoys feeling oppressed and victimized by Republicans, the Right has no similar inclination to feel disappointed and betrayed by Republicans while Republicans are in office. They save such feelings, to the extent they exist at all, for after Democrats are elected to clean up the GOP’s economic mess, at which point they begin to pay lip service to the notion that so-and-so was “not a real conservative” and that they “never really supported” what he was doing, and perhaps that he lost the election because he was “not conservative enough” for this “center-right nation.”

    So, in 2012, we can go back to what has become the default, the status quo, in American politics: A Republican government racking up endless debt, fighting endless wars, handing essential government functions over to industry lobbyists and unqualified cronies, and waging endless cultural battles they have no intention of ever finally winning; a Republican electorate that enthusiastically enables all of this and aggressively demonizes anyone who objects; and a Democratic electorate that will complain endlessly about it and dream of the day when they can elect the next Democratic president to clean up the next Republican disaster, at which point they might actually wait a few months before feeling disappointed and betrayed and starting the whole miserable cycle over again, as the Right once again brings its phony outrage over “big government” and “spending” and “tyranny” out of hibernation.

    I’m not advocating that progressives/liberals/Dem fans should be as blindly devoted to the Democratic Party™ as RW/TP/FNC/GOP fans are to the Republican Party™. But the differences in how we behave while in power versus while out of power is what creates this “miserable cycle” that I wrote about; why having a Republican president (and, to a lesser extent, a Republican Congress) has become the “normal”/”default” position of the American electorate. Americans by and large will elect a Republican unless they have a really, really, really good reason to elect a Democrat; the inverse is not true in the aggregate.

    Republican voters/fans are enablers of the GOP, that much is generally true. Democratic voters/fans typically are not, but there’s a difference between not being an enabler (holding them “accountable”) and being pathologically dissatisfied and only ever feeling “betrayed” by elected Democrats.

    • Justin Cohen

      I don’t think we’re going to go backwards in 2012. I think the whole debt ceiling fiasco was a wakeup call for a lot of voters who put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Tea Party movement.

      I think the Tea Party may have been appealing at first to those that were dissatisfied with our government but now I think folks are seeing that they’re worse than those they replaced.

      I’ll be shocked if 2012 doesn’t swing back towards the Democrats. If the Tea Party has done nothing else, it has sounded a wake-up call for folks who typically sit on the sidelines.

      I expect a huge push in 2012 to return rationality to our government in the same spirit of what we’re seeing in Wisconsin and Ohio.

      • Dan_in_DE

        I agree with Justin. There are a lot of reasons why 2012 is going to kick off the next swing back toward the Democratic side. But there’s one that takes the cake. Obama is truly inspirational – and he’s something that we haven’t seen in a long time. It won’t matter that the national news media turns on him just in time to create a really intense and captivating photo-finish in 2012, because people aren’t buying that any of this shit is his fault. To my amazement, polls keep showing that Americans are blaming the R’s, and not the president. Hey.. maybe we’re not that stupid after all! (snark meter pinned at 11)

        • IrishGrrrl

          What polls are you looking at? I was hearing last night that the Pres. approval numbers are lower than ever before (on CNN or NPR or both). I don’t necessarily believe those reports but the only people firmly pinning the debt debate and fallout on the Tea Party is the lefty & progressive blogosphere.

          • ranger11

            Still higher than the Repubs though. An ugly win is still a win.

  • dildenusa

    As far as Huff post goes, I no longer comment there because Huff post has given the trolls, both tea bagger and firebagger, free rein while keeping my comments in the pending pile for hours it seems. I won’t speculate why Huff post won’t post comments from the center of the political spectrum although one has to consider financial incentives to promote uncivil discourse. The firebaggers are angry at people in the political center, so instead of engaging in civil discourse they just plant the anger meme on people in the center. I’ve played this game before.

    As far as the democratic leadership in congress goes, they are just as beholden to the corporate special interests as the republicans. Running for election to national political office requires big bags of cold cash. So people from both parties sell themselves to the highest bidder. Things won’t change until some kind of public financing of elections and free air time on TV and radio for any legitimate candidate. It certainly won’t happen if the tea baggers gain control and hijack the political system.

    President Obama is not a member of “the good old white boys” and that gives him the most credibility of any president since John Kennedy, the first Catholic, was elected in 1960. The firebaggers, by continually hitting the president over the head are not doing any favors for anyone at the political center or left of center. They are giving aid and comfort to the enemies of tens of millions of struggling citizens who want nothing more than to live comfortably, not extravagantly, while providing for themselves and their families.

  • nicole

    The firebaggers have no idea of what it means to hold a president “accountable”. They seem to have the term “accountable” confused with the term”destroy”.

    Fuck the whining firebaggers and the horse they road in on.

    Adding…….I don’t consider Krugman a firebagger, just a brilliant guy who sometimes gets the politics wrong. And contrary to what’s said about him, he has also spent quite a few posts defending the Obama administration. Unlike the firebaggers.

    • Dan_in_DE

      I’m sure Krugman gets the politics wrong at times – but I think that his most recent disgust with the debt-ceiling deal was not one of them. It doesn’t look all that bad, the framework that we ended up with, but it’s not a done deal. We’ll have to see how this plays out.

      Sure, the triggers look like they give the R’s more pressure and incentive to play ball – what with unprecedented cuts to defense – but I really doubt these will be activated. And defense cuts on that scale? Fogetaboutit. Not gonna happen once all the various interests get their say in this. I’m betting that Baucus and his team of Super Dem’s will concede a whole bunch of spending cuts that we really shouldn’t be making – hurting the working class and sparing the rich again. Because that’s what they do. I’ve seen too much capitulation to Repub hostage taking to think any differently. The R’s will come up with something new like the federal gas tax, and pull the same stunt all over again if necessary. Hey, it’s worked swimmingly til now.

      Paul Krugman is watching the hard-won insights of his entire economic discipline get thrown out the window in a tragically stupid repeat of old mistakes. He’s really peaved that, not only do the horrible economic ideas win out – like a stimulus package with enough tax cuts for the wealthy to undo any stimulating effect it might have had – but they even get the president’s seal of approval, insisting that we got what we needed and everything looks rosy. Well, it’s not. And Krugman’s insistance that huge cuts during a shaky recovery are a horrible idea, were confirmed immediately with gi-normous market fluctuations.

      • nicole


      • IrishGrrrl

        I think someone over at Balloon Juice called Krugman, Krussanrda. They’re right too. Sometimes even if it makes you seem “shrill” or “firebaggerish” you have to speak the truth.

        And I would agree that most of the time Krugman is naive in re: to politics. But I think in this instance, he’s correct on his political take and it’s because its a longer term view. Something that I would expect Pres. O to understand. Perhaps Pres. O (and/or his staff is so blinded by focusing on the fires in front of them that they’re missing the conflagration that is really headed our way).

  • The_Dork_Knight

    This story reminded me of that line from Ghostbusters 2. “I’m a voter… Arent you supposed to lie to me and kiss my ass?”

  • Rita A.G

    If you can dish, you should be able to take it.

  • missliberties

    Poor babies.

    Nevermind that Ms. JH and the FDL crew suggested that folks that support Obama are the dumbest motherfuckers on earth, you know that ‘monolithic’ support he gets from his own kind.

    The article posted makes valid points about political REALITY re the debt ceiling, which was turned into a nightmare by the teabaggers.

    My view of liberalism and the people who represent it has been considerably downgraded by Firebaggers and their ilk.

  • OsborneInk

    Let the firebaggers whine all they want. It just proves that everything I have ever said about them is correct.

    • nicole

      amen, brotha………