Filibustering While On Vacation

After the withdrawal of Elizabeth Warren's candidacy to head the new Consumer Protection Bureau, President Obama nominated former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray for the position. However, like Elizabeth Warren, the chances of the Republicans confirming him, or anyone else, for the position are slim to none.

The president was evidently planning to use the current congressional recess to make a recess appointment of Richard Cordray to the position, but the Republicans came up with volunteers to stay behind and keep the senate in session so that a recess appointment cannot be made.

Or as Thom Hartmann puts it, "filibustering while they're sitting by the pool with their billionaire donors."

Over the next month – a series of “pro forma” sessions will be held that technically keep the Senate in session even though no Senators are in town and no business is being done – just so Republicans can keep up their opposition to the new consumer rights agency that would stop big banks from screwing over the rest of us.

The Republicans have demanded that the new Consumer Protection Bureau be de-fanged and neutered before they would allow the appointment of anyone to the position.

  • nicole

    I want a civil war.

    I see no other way anymore. These people will not stop until they’ve completely destroyed this country.

    If they haven’t already.

    • incredulous72

      I completely agree; that’s more than likely what it’s coming down to if Democrats don’t get their shit together.

      There has to be something we can do other than scream our outrage at each other in agreement everyday; I mean, other than volunteer for President Obama’s campaign. We have to start looking at Senate and House seats for these upcoming elections as well.
      I feel like people are so detached because they are truly not aware what’s at stake, and there has to be a way to reach out to folks that are so disengaged.

      • JMAshby

        You can start by getting in touch with your local democratic party.

        You can also get in touch with OFA (Organizing for America) and go from there.

        With 2012 being a presidential election year, simply getting as many people out there as possible voting straight Democratic will be a big help.

        • incredulous72

          Thanks Ashby.

        • nicole

          You’re a peach, Ashby. :)

          Already done. I will be primarily working for OFA. The Dem Party in Michigan is a damn mess. Part of the reason we lost the gub. election in 2010.

      • nicole

        I feel like people are so detached because they are truly not aware what’s at stake

        I agree. I blame their lack of awareness on our godawful media.