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Fox News Suddenly Hates Violent Rhetoric

The network that popularized assassination fantasies, the network that allowed Bill O'Reilly to air hateful rants against George Tiller, and the network that pays Sarah "Pals Around with Terrorists" Palin a handsome salary is suddenly shocked when someone invokes the word "terrorist" as a metaphor. Oh, and in the same segment, the Fox News morning zoo used Gabby Giffords' appearance on the floor of Congress to illustrate their point. Tasteful of them.

  • cybergal619

    Such a waste of good air.

  • incredulous72

    It’s amazing that they still have viewers. Do the people that watch that mess have that little self-awareness?! I mean, the air is so thick with hypocrisy over there you could cut it with a Santoku knife.

    How the hell do those douchebags sleep at night?

    • nicole

      How the hell do those douchebags sleep at night?

      They jump in their coffins.

      *sorry, couldn’t resist. :-)

      • JackDaniel07

        LOL I was gonna say

        “In a meth-laced coma with a scared-shitless Congressional Page by their side, handcuffed to the bedpost”

        • nicole

          bawahaha……. :)

        • incredulous72

          Oh now that . . . that is PRICELESS. LMAO!

  • nicole

    More economic terrorism from the Right (McConnell).

  • Thx 4 Fish

    One part of the equation is missing. The Republicans very often use violent rhetoric, not just to describe their opponents attacks on them, but to promote actions of their followers. eg: “We need to be armed and dangerous…” -Michelle Bachman or “Use your weapons. Shoot with accuracy.” -Sarah Palin

    You can’t equate the two. While the left may be metaphorically calling themselves victims of the Tea Party terrorists, the TP are metaphorically threatening violence.

    • holyreality

      That distinction is necessary to explain the difference. BRAVO

  • laddieluv

    ‘Effing flaming hypocrites.

    Teeny weeny whiny poopie idiots.

    Human hemorrhoids.


  • nicole

    These people are completely reprehensible. Despicable human beings.

  • Robert Scalzi

    Jon Stewarts piece last week on this subject was spot on, if you haven’t seen it here’s the link—special-victims-unit
    hannity’s comments @ 3:25 made me blow coffee thru my nose they were so ridiculous

    • Brutlyhonest

      Yet, last night stewart piles on joe biden with fox for collecting rent from the USG for housing secret service agents near his Delaware house. Seems like Jon has lost his shit since his last dust-up with wallace and is trying way too hard to “prove” he isn’t partisan by reaching new lows in his false equivalency BS.

      I guess an equivalency of how much it costs to house agents near bushes private community would have required research?

  • holyreality

    Oh those poor poor victimized Republicans!?!

    Booooo Hooooo

    It takes a fair and balanced programmer to make such a play of the victim card like this example. :gag: