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Go Chris Matthews

Here's Chris Matthews completely destroying Star Wars Cantina Alien and RNC chairman Reince Priebus.

"Do you have a hard time with the fact that your party left this country in wreckage?" Matthews said. "...You think you left this bed all made for him." When Priebus tried to respond, Matthews cut him off.

"Just say that to me!" he shouted. "Tell me he walked in the door into hell."

Sometimes, Chris can bring the pain.

  • hamletta

    My fam’s from Philly, so I love Chris Matthews like an obnoxious uncle with a little curl.

    When he is good, he is vuhry, vuhry bad.

    And when he is bad, he is AWESOME.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Interviewing Republicans these days is like pulling the string on a See-‘N’-Say. It doesn’t matter what you ask, they’re going to say the same six things.

    • D_C_Wilson

      It’s like they all take a crash course in how to keep repeating the same talking points no matter what the question is.

  • muselet

    Reince Priebus is a weasel, with apologies to weasels.

    However, Chris Matthews makes my teeth itch. He won’t shut up, gets lost in his guests’ answers, can’t ask a follow-up question to save his life and still, after all these years on television, hasn’t figured out satellite lag. He must know where the bodies are buried, ’cause no way does he still have his job on merit. (I know, I know, the bellowing outrage is his shtick, broadcasting is harder than it looks, interviewing is an art, et cetera. All true and all cheerfully conceded. But Matthews is the best person MSNBC can find? Really?)


    • nicole

      Agreed. Although I gotta admit, i like him when he acts like a Lefty, rare as it is.

      EDIT: I know that he’s a Democrat, but he rarely seems to act like one.

    • Rick Janes

      Every once in a while, Matthews does hold a Republican’s feet to the fire, but I can’t help thinking that’s a calculated ploy to keep him relevant on MSNBC’s ‘liberal’ line-up.

      After all, former GE CEO Jack Welch, the father of job outsourcing, used to brag that he had turned good liberals Chris Matthews and Tim Russert into corporate shills by buying them off. I also can’t forget that on the day of the Crawford Dauphin’s laughable ‘Mission Accomplished’ photo-op, Matthews embarrassingly gushed like a school girl over Little Bush, even allowing guest Ann Coulter to babble uninterrrupted that Dubya would have distinguished himself as a combat pilot in Vietnam if the Dems hadn’t ended the war first. Matthews plays to whatever side is buttering his bread and I suspect if Perry is elected president, we’ll have Tweety Bird effusing over how much Americans like an ‘uncomplicated guy, a real guy’ who sticks to his guns and looks good in a cowbot hat, a president ‘everybody sort of likes… except for the real whack-jobs, maybe on the left.’ Then he can cap off that twaddle by grandly proclaiming about Perry as he did about Codpiece, ‘women like this war. I think we like having a hero as our president,’ after the Rickster invades Iran.


  • holyreality

    President Obama has been a disappointment, at best to his base.

    Even with his accomplishments added up, his refusal to toot his own horn in conjunction with the right’s framing of the issue has left him with this leadership “image problem”.

    Personally, I LIKE his cool calm and genuine qualities, that is what won me over.

    This is the leadership I voted for. I specifically do not want a president Jack Bauer, strutting and posing like a mannequin the way Perry has been.

    His first day at work he took his jacket off, and rolled up his sleeves. W never did that, much less his homework.

    But we let the media trash this image, and actually make Bachmann, or Perry look like a serious presidential candidate.

    President Obama needs to show that he is the serious man, the Realpolitic move forward man who lets the fringe squeal their shrill chatter and get things done. He has a year or so, time to get to work, that is if we allow him to.

    • ranger11

      I don’t think this base is his base. It was Edwards’ base. And they can’t let go.

      • Jack Tracey

        Although I did come to volunteer with Obama for America and then Organizing for America from a brief stint supporting the Edwards campaign (part of my loyalty as a Vietnam Veteran Against the War to John Kerry and that ticket), I would hardly say that I was “Edwards Base” and I joined a strong cadre of supporters who supported Obama without ever thinking about Edwards — and thank Gawd we dodged that bullet!

        There are many reasons to continue to support Obama, even though his presidential style hasn’t been the “fighter” we thought we’d see. I’m not sure that anyone in his situation would have done better, with the economy in the toilet and a Congress that has been largely hostile from Day One, even more so since the debacle that was November 2010, The republicans are simply not open to any good ideas if they come with the name Obama attached and incapable of their own good ideas.

        I remain hopeful that we’ll see the fighting Obama over the next few months, because it’s becoming more and more clear that our economy and our country can afford nothing less. Having been unemployed for the past 17 months due to layoff, I’m about at the end of my rope economically and need and want to get back to work. But at 60, with stiff competition, the job interviews are just not coming. Something has to be done to stimulate the economy for the people, not the banks and Wall Street.

  • jmby

    I wish he would have brought the facts, too. No challenge to the claim that the President hasn’t dealt with the deficit – he HAS actually substantially lowered it. He HAS actually kept many, many of the campaign promises – and made significant policy changes – in many areas of government. If you watch the entire eight minute clip, Matthews actually AGREES with Priebus when he claims the President has failed on the deficit issue and is not a leader. Sorry, but no pat on the back for Chris from me. It’s all well and good to get into a pissing match and scream at your guest about the bullshit “loyal American” issues the Teabaggers and Republicans have with the President, but until SOMEONE who claims to be a responsible, nationally-known journalist at a large msinstream media outlet starts quoting facts and truly calling these assholes on their lies and omissions, no one gets praise from me. And they shouldn’t from anyone else, either.

    • Justin Cohen

      Well said. I watched the whole clip and agree with you completely. Priebus actually comes out of the interview looking good, which is irritating.

  • Julie B.

    When he’s mostly sober and not doing a live event, anyway.