Open Thread

How The Party Ends

Artist - RJ Matson

In other news, NASA presented photographic evidence of liquid water on the surface of mars today, and Mitt Romney has some explaining to do after it was revealed that a sock-puppet company was created and then quickly dissolved to funnel $1 million in cash to support his campaign.

Creating a phony company, and then quickly disbanding it, to funnel cash to a campaign sounds lot like money laundering to me.

  • Brian C

    Well, it would have back when ethics and legality had any meaning in Republican politics.

  • Tim Neuenhaus

    Are you saying that a republican political campaign has possibly committed an illegal act to get money? That’s about as truthful as saying there are restaurants in England that serve curry..

    • muselet

      This made me laugh.


    • nicole

      lol. :-)

  • Lexamich


    Romney’s the closest thing to a golden boy the right has.

    It could be found that he sold children into slavery overseas, and the media swine will question whether he was the victim (stress that word in particular, for it will be used constantly for Romney’s sake next year) of a witch hunt.

    Matter of fact, if this story blows up, I’m sure they’ll have numerous shouting matches on the cable shows in order to diminish the subject.

    Don’t get anyone’s hopes up on this Romney development.

    It’s going nowhere, I believe.

    • muselet

      Hey, we can dream, can’t we?


    • D_C_Wilson

      Yep. Expect every conservative talking head to start shouting about “ACORN!” and “The New Black Panthers!” any time this is brought up. The word is already been sent out to divert attention away from this.

  • DJShay12

    Love that cartoon

  • agrazingmoose

    It does indeed.