Rush Limbaugh

'Melanin is Thicker Than Water'

Rush Limbaugh hates President Obama because he's a liberal and hating liberals is good money on AM talk radio. But make no mistake, Limbaugh hates President Obama because the president is black -- and racism is good money on AM talk radio.

Here he is saying that Colin Powell supports the president because they're both black.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Rush actually makes me wish Herman Cain would win the GOP nomination, just to see how he handles the cognitive dissonance of making racist attacks on Obama while boosting Cain.

  • mrbrink

    Rush’s whole career is one long racist joke.

    And this is who the GOP runs to for clarifying affirmation.

  • Lexamich

    Isn’t it time they took this overcooked piece of rancid sausage out of the stewpot? He’s been in the damned thing for going on two decades now.

    While we’re at it, why’s Cheney so defensive regarding his boy “Scooter”? And why didn’t his other boy Whittington press charges?

    Oh, and for goodness sake, will someone tell all the media dorks that Cheney IS NOT Darth Vader. He’s Grand Moff Tarkin, if anyone. Sheesh!

  • Jeffrey Savino

    So, is he saying that Herman Cain and Allen West will secretly vote for Obama, as well?

  • laddieluv


    It’s a new day.

    Isn’t Rush “Limpballs” dead yet?

  • Paul Warren Jr

    I actually don’t think Rush hates Obama… but his listeners do. So he’ll follow that money hole down as far as he needs to go.

    • ShitMcFuckensteinAVC

      Yeah, he’s a shameless opportunist.

    • Rick Janes

      According to St. Louis music store owner Elliott Sanders, who claims he had a gay affair with Rush when both were in college in the early ’70s, Rush went for the conservatives because they were more naive than the more educated lefties. Sanders said of the Bulbous One: “Rush said that he thought most people are incredibly gullible, and he felt that the key to radio programming was to reach that crowd, and that it would be really, really easy. He thought … he could get anyone to believe anything he said, and the more outrageous is was, the more they would believe it.”

      As to the future of right-wing media: “‘There are a lot of program directors whose radio ‘spider-sense’ is tingling,’ says Randall Bloomquist, a long-time radio executive and president of Talk Frontier Media. ‘They’re thinking ‘this conservative thing is kind of running its course. We’re saying the same things from morning ’til night and yes, we’ve got a very loyal core audience—but if we ever want to grow, if we want to expand, we’ve got to be doing more than 18 hours a day of ‘Obama is a socialist.’ ‘” […]
      ” ‘I will tell you that a very senior talk radio executive, somebody with responsibility for a large number of talk radio stations, expressed to me just this week his concern that talk radio as we know it could be largely gone in five years and the reason for that is, just plain and simple, the aging demographics of the format,’ explains Bloomquist. ‘Depending on who you talk to, the median age for talk radio is somewhere between 52 and … 63, and it’s just going up… for the most part political talk, particularly ideological political talk of any stripe, appeals to old people.’ ”
      — John Avlon, “Is Right-Wing Talk Dying?” The Daily Beast, Feb. 9, 2011.

  • Mark

    And the web site that featured the clip is a right wing one, who didn’t think this was the least bit embarrassing. Still plenty of people out there working in defense of paleo-racism.

  • Rick Janes

    The old projector is still running for El Rushbo. He’ll always vote for a white man over a black one, even if the choice were between Joseph Stalin and Obama, and he wrongly assumes all white people agree with him. But Rush is getting old and stale, just like his listeners and the rest of right-wing talk radio — soon they’ll be headed to the same place Father Coughlin and Joe Pyne are futilely searching for icewater.

  • burbank_burt

    Wow… just wow…
    And he’s not removed from the airwaves because…?
    What a racist A-hole.

  • avd911

    this is all the Right has left. Going after minorities they hope will reduce the white vote for Obama. But the whites who voted for Obama in 2008, factored out racism …and will again.