More People are Buying Shit They Don't Need

Despite my snarky headline, this is good news for the economic recovery:

Consumer spending in the United States rebounded strongly in July to post the largest increase in five months on strong demand for motor vehicles, a government report showed on Monday, supporting views the economy was not falling back into recession.

I'm not as hopeful, but I'll take the good news when I can get it.

  • Tigerda

    You’re right about “shit”. I’m not sure it’s really a good news. The common and obsessive will to consumption and the endless activities of consumers won’t prevent the destruction of the same system on which everybody depends for life. The american dream will fulfill itself as a nightmare all over the planet.

  • exconnie

    I hate to say it but old Irene was a big boost to every hardware, box store and grocery store in my town, not to mention tree trimmers, plumbers, builders,and all the products being reordered, restocked, etc. Unlike Michelle Batshit, I’m not thinking of it in a ” joking ” “Gawd sure hates those libruls, yuck yuck” kinda way, though.

  • Julie B.

    That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise – lots of parents, like me, start their back-to-school shopping in July as opposed to waiting for the last minute. So if you want to throw first-time college students into that mix as well, it’s not really a surprise at all.