• SharksBreath

    Boehner declared victory.

    “Since Day One of this Congress, we’ve gone toe-to-toe with the Obama Administration and the Democrat-controlled Senate on behalf of our people we were sent here to represent,” Boehner said to his members, according to remarks provided by a GOP source.

    Remember how this all started: the White House demanded a “clean” debt limit hike with no spending cuts and reforms attached. We stuck together, and frankly made them give up on that.
    Then they shifted to demanding a “balanced” approach – equal parts spending cuts and tax hikes. With this framework, they’ve given up on that, too….


    So Lawrence O’Donnel was right. Obama is fucking brilliant right.

    Let’s start with Bob.

    Once again, Lawrence O’Donnell “decoded” the president’s remarks from yesterday with such clarity and laser-guided precision, it really is something to remember and to send to all of your poutraged firebagger friends.


    Really Bob. Looks like the firebaggers are right more and more everyday.

    nicole473, @nicole473 on Twitter – Obama 2012!
    A couple of things.

    1. Most of all, the Pres is completely fucking MASTERFUL, and so many IQ points above his Republicon adversaries, they should give up and just go home while their pants remain around their ankles and have not yet entirely disappeared.

    2. O’Donnell was fucking great!

    I think most of us were aware of the politics behind the talking points, with the exception of the idiot firebaggers who are the most politically naive and stupid operatives I have ever in my life seen.

    Obamabot. How does it feel to be sold out Nicole. You read any other blogs lately.

    Brian C

    O’Donnell’s been right on target throughout this whole debate. So far, he’s batting 1.000.

    I have to say it’s quite refreshing to see the president so adroitly playing the opposition, feeding them the rope with which to hang themselves. It’s also gratifying to see them tying the nooses in it so readily.


    Masterfully played. The Republicans got everything they wanted. Well not everything. Only 98%.

    So when does Obama go head to with those who are trying to destroy us and actually win one.


    • mrbrink

      That’s creepy, dude.

      You’ve been saving quotes to convey your disappointment in not getting your default? My family cannot afford to play your games.

      Grow up.

      “So when does Obama go head to with those who are trying to destroy us and actually win one.”

      He’s a proven winner, you’re a proven loser.

      The people “trying to destroy us” should be your #1 focus.

      There’s lots of them and they keep winning elections because you depress voter turnout picking an enemy with the only human being on the planet standing between you and right wing death squads.