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Paul Ryan is Very Serious

But he's not the clean-cut superboy everyone in the cable news media makes him out to be. He's been trying to pass superduper tax loopholes for his contributors.

...a look at Ryan's record since he was elected to Congress in 1998 shows that he has tried to create an array of special loopholes for his top contributors, whose interests range from air fresheners to fraternity housing to beer.

Take S.C. Johnson & Son, one of Ryan's biggest donors. The multibillion-dollar company, which is based in Ryan's district and manufactures popular cleaning products like Pledge and Windex, donated $41,092 to the congressman between 1998 and 2012, according to

Ryan introduced two bills in May 2005 that would have granted the company special exemptions from tariffs. Specifically, his bills sought to suspend duties for imported components of "unique air freshener products … assembled by S.C. Johnson in the United States," Ryan said during floor remarks at the time. Neither bill advanced.

I wonder if Shatner-as-Kirk Dylan Ratigan will do another rant about money in politics and aim his spittle in the direction of Ryan. I doubt it.

  • OsborneInk

    You know what? I actually have to give Ryan kudos for his consistency. His amoral ethics are based on Ayn Rand, and this is perfectly in tune with them. So is charging constituents to ask you questions. So is slashing Medicare to keep his own tax cuts. He’s a perfect creature of self-interest.

  • nicole

    The Koch brothers donated $63,000 to Ryan, making him the largest congressional recipient of Koch money currently sitting in the House.

    Edited for clarity.

    Adding……the bought and paid for Ryan’s alliance with the Kochs.

    ThinkProgress has now learned of another attendee addressing the Koch meeting: House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). Ryan’s office confirmed his attendance this afternoon to ThinkProgress. Ryan, who has a long record of flying off to junkets for groups of bankers like the Club for Growth, is pushing forward with radical cuts to Medicare and Social Security in his “Roadmap for America’s Future.” In line with Koch’s peculiar supply-side side ideology of soaking the the poor, Ryan’s budget idea also calls for increasing taxes on the middle class, while cutting them for the rich. Other Republican legislators were at the event, including Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA).

  • Robert Scalzi

    Dylan The Rat is just that , A right wing Rat w/ a Giant Punch me face, I hate this man and cannot even watch the sludge that MSNBC puts on the air these days.

  • Tim Neuenhaus

    “donated $41,092 to the congressman between 1998 and 2012″

    So basically for less than $230.00 a month one can buy a congressman and get them to propose legislation that will save you perhaps millions in taxes and I’m sure other financial favors. hmmm…less than $230.00 a month.

    You would think it would cost much more to get a congressman to sell out a whole nation.

    Anyhow I’m headed to Wahington with $230.00 burning a hole in my pocket.

    • Brian C

      I was thinking the same thing, more or less. When you see how much (or, better put, how little) these gigantic corporations donate in relation to their revenue and how much in taxes they stand to save or how much more in revenue they stand to gain from the favors they’re purchasing, it seems like a pittance. If corporations really are people, then they lose more in change falling from their pockets as they pull their beer money out of their Levi’s than they contribute to politicians.