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Rick W. Perry: Social Security is Unconstitutional

He's not backing off this nonsense since he first wrote it in his book:

KEYES: But should states-rights supporters be worried that, as governor you said that Social Security is not something that falls in the purview of the federal government, but in your campaign, have backed off that?

PERRY: I haven’t backed off anything in my book. Read the book again, get it right. Next question.

His book is titled "Fed Up!" -- it should have been titled "F'ed Up!"

  • D_C_Wilson

    Perry knows the teabagger audience will eat this up, so long as they know that they’ll still collect their social security checks. This is the same mentality behind Paul Ryan’s kill Medicare scheme. The GOP is literally banking on the older generation being willing to screw over their children and grandchildren’s future in order to reap some short term gains.

  • muselet

    Rick Perry was fine as long as he could recite his talking points, but sounded a little tetchy to me when asked about Social Security. He really doesn’t like to be challenged, which is one of the reasons I keep saying he won’t go the distance: sooner or later, he’s going to lose his temper in an un-presidential—and un-spinnable—way.

    Speed the day.


    • D_C_Wilson

      That puts him in the same category with most of the other GOP contenders. Most of them don’t really think about their positions, they just recite the teabagger talking points.

  • mrbrink

    Rick Perry: Let them eat dirty stupid low wage jobs!

    His state is dirty and stupid, statistically speaking.

    And anyone who is that physically determined to undermine federal regulations for corporations and their bloated boards of corporate executives, whether it be in the courts, or the EPA, the SEC, or the tax code, or freedom from religion in public schools, you should be arrested by the FBI for obstructing justice and the public safety, not running for president. “Rick Perry has no freedoms!”

    Campaigning against policy is one thing, but campaigning with corporate money to overthrow lawful federal regulation enacted to protect the environment and the general welfare safety net is the exact opposite of upholding and defending the constitution and the public trust.

    Rick Perry supporters: Woo-hoo/yee haw! less money for individual retirement means more federal money and freedom for the job creators, like Bible manufacturers! can’t make them in Red China, the state capitalist beacon of the world, can ya?

    This guy is a joke. Ha ha ha.

    Very funny, GOP.

    Really, now. Where’s your serious front runner candidate?

  • mrbrink

    Rick Perry’s serious about getting tough on the weak and defenseless.

    That takes true grit.

  • nicole

    Imagine a Perry/Paul ticket. *shudders*

  • missliberties


    Even scarier is the new Jim Crow photo ID laws designed to surpress voter turnout.

  • ryo80

    We’ll see if he sticks to that when/if he gets to the general election. If he does, I’m sure he’ll turn Independents off en-masse. I don’t count on him changing course though.