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Artist - David Fitzsimmons

In other news, the ACLU filed a lawsuit today challenging a Kansas law that prohibits insurance companies from covering abortion services in regular plans, and the UK Parliament published a letter from convicted News Of The World reporter Clive Goodman alleging senior editors had direct knowledge of the voice-mail hacking their employees were involved in.

  • trgahan

    I think it would be a progressive dream if the phone hacking scandle defanged News Corp in time for the 2012 elections. While all the confirmed wrong doing to date is in England, investigations have spilled over into their other offices.

    If the Repubs free propoganda machine has to lie low in 2012, I wonder if firing up the base on a national level will become difficult. I wonder what the average Republican will become after having the daily lies clear their system.

    One sure can dream.

  • Aeeadede Aeea