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In other news, Governor Chris Christie held a press conference today estimating that the damaged caused by Hurricane Irene could be in the tens of billions of dollars. Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul made the case for abolishing FEMA. Again.

Will the free market pick up the tab for cleanup and reconstruction? How many residents of New Jersey even have flood insurance? I'd guess very few.

How are all of those privately run shelters working out?

Oh wait, they aren't privately run. No private company is going to open a private disaster shelter as some things simply aren't meant to be profitable.

What would Jesus Ayn Rand do?

That's your mini-rant for the day.

  • Josh Redman

    In the most non-gay way possible. I love Bob Cesca for this post. Bob, you are a superhero and the only person keeping me sane in another third world country. Please don’t stop. Thanks again.


  • deedqwqw

    very good go—-wwwjordanforworldcom


  • muselet

    On an apolitical note, the BBC has the ten funniest jokes from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival here. The winner, from Nick Helm:

    “I needed a password eight characters long so I picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.”


  • muselet

    Harry Shearer eviscerated John McCain and Joe Lieberman (and, by extension, the whole “Obama is always wrong” crowd) on this week’s Le Show; the segment runs from 21:20–27:18.


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  • D_C_Wilson

    I really want to make a snarky comment about how at least this time, Christie stayed in New Jersey and didn’t go to Disney World like he did during last year’s blizzard, but that might be considered insensitive.

    Here’s a new drinking game: Every time someone on Fox calls Irene “Obama’s Katrina”, take a shot.