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The Latest From Wall Street

Artist - Dave Granlund

In other news, the president of Standard & Poor's stepped down today and will be replaced by Citibank's current chief operating officer Douglas Peterson.

S&P is currently under investigation by the Justice Department for its role in the 2008 financial crisis.

  • exconnie

    How can we help??? She is going to get railroaded by negative press from the right. Notice how even the Wash Post has turned right. Every article mentions the repubs taking the senate back-NEVER mention the dems taking back the house. I have to go to FrumForum for god’s sake just to find anyone writing anything remotely upbeat about the left- I mean FrumForum?!?

  • mrbrink

    I love that she has the guts to take this on.

  • Brian C

    Melissa Harris-Perry is profiling Elizabeth Warren on “The Last Word” right now. Harris-Perry is pointing out The Hill’s comments that Scott Brown is pocketing hundreds of thousands in donations from Wall Street types. Warren, on the other hand, can’t exactly expect to collect much from that source.

    However, she has mad grassroots support from the left. Her public comments are replete with quotes supporting the common person. Promoted properly, she should have no problem at all getting John and Jane Q Voter to identify with her. She should have no problem painting Brown as a toady of Wall Street.

    It remains to be seen, however, what Wall Street and the GOP stoop to in order to savage her. I’d wager dollars to donuts that they’ll try anything and everything they can think of to flame her non-stop. If she runs, I think the campaign will be very similar to the campaign I worked on to get Al Franken elected from Minnesota.

    The US Senate and the American people need Elizabeth Warren’s voice like never before.

    • Alan Fors

      Ms. Warren already has my vote. I look forward to her being the Junior Senator from my state.

      • nicole

        She will be a truly great senator.

    • Scopedog

      Hmmm…I’m pulling for her. People like Warren are needed now more than ever but we have to be out front and visible in supporting her.

      The funny thing is that she will be able (or should be able) to garner a lot of donations from the grassroots and will not need to turn to the Wall Street types. Getting more from the grassroots….that’s very much like how Obama is raising his funds.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Not a resident of MA, so I can’t vote for Warren, but I’ll be rooting for her.

      On the other hand, who can we contact at MSNBC to get Melissa Harris-Perry her own show? Seriously, whoever tapped Al Sharpton to take over Cenk’s old time slot over her should be fired.

      • IrishGrrrl

        DC, I agree. I was shocked to hear about Al Sharpt0n. My 8 year old would do a better job reading the teleprompter than that man can.

      • Brian C

        My thoughts exactly…