Open Thread

The Market Reacts

Artist - David Fitzsimmons

In other news, Rep. Joe Walsh may face an ethics investigation for failing to report the $117,000 he owes in child support on his financial disclosure forms, and the Tea Party astroturf group Americans for Prosperity managed to attract only 15 people to a recent rally in support of offshore drilling in Jacksonville, Florida.

Polls will close in the state of Wisconsin tonight at 9pm eastern, 8 pm local time. Six Republican state senators are facing recall elections.

  • mrbrink

    Here’s how democracy works today.

    I have $100. You and your 20 man-band of jealous mooching derelicts, let’s call you, the majority of Americans, all have $1 a piece.

    I will donate $25 to elect whomever brings me the slithering head of Medusa, or cuts my taxes and subsidizes my activities with the public’s resources. Whichever one comes first.

    May the best candidate win!

    But just to be sure the best candidate wins, I’m going to spend another $25 advertising your candidate and cause as possibly a friend to the pedophile? or possibly a Muslim terrorist Trojan Horse? or possibly cowards and enemies of free speech without right! Or rights!


    And when you’re broke and in debt, I’ll still have $50 left to persuade your battered and weary support.

    It’s “free speech.”

    Everyone’s voice is equal.

    • IrishGrrrl

      Yep and the recall election in Wisconsin failed to win back at least 3 seats. I’ll bet a buck that the Rethugs outspent the Dems on the recall effort. Money talks, everyone else walks. Makes me wish I was born wealthy.

      • Brian C

        In individual districts, the GOP outspent Dems by multiples…Money–that will never be accounted for– flowed into the state my the millions, primarily on the GOP side.

  • The_Dork_Knight

    Really Reid? Max Baucus is on this absurd super committee to decide how badly we are all going to be screwed? Really? *sigh*

    • muselet

      My fingers are metaphorically crossed. Depending on what mood Max Baucus is in on a given day, he could be very effective or he could deliberately be a pain in the arse. We shall see.


      • The_Dork_Knight

        You’re most optimistic on this than me. To be honest I envy that a bit. Heres to hoping Baucus eats his Wheaties then…

      • Bubble Genius

        As long as I don’t have to listen to Baucus speak. With words he does not have way.

    • ShitMcFuckensteinAVC

      I guess Baucus is the new Lieberman.