The (Tea) Party is Over

The fringe just became fringier. Americans are totally over their love affair with the tea party nonsense.

Polls have been showing a drop in its approval, and a new AP/GfK poll shows that its unfavorable rating has seen a sharp rise. 46 percent of those surveyed said they have a negative view of the Tea Party movement, versus 28 who say they view it favorably.

The last time the AP conducted a national poll on Americans' favorability of Tea Partiers was in their pre-governing period: throughout 2010 the conservative movement was viewed slightly unfavorably but the splits were close. In June of 2010 it even earned a positive rating, with 33 percent of over 1,000 adults surveyed finding the movement favorable against 30 percent. In the last AP rating, taken Nov. 3-8, 2010, directly after the 2010 election, the split stood at a slim negative rating of 32 percent favorable against 36 unfavorable.

  • Rick Janes

    Of course, the most important constituency is the easily-hacked optiscan and touch screen voting machines without a paper trail across the nation. The opinions of their manufacturers would seem to outweigh those of actual voters.

  • D_C_Wilson

    The tea party’s popularity is dropping faster than Snooki’s panties!

  • Tigerda

    Tea Party was another name for anti-intellectualism, pro-arms and cowboy fals philosophy, anti-gay bashing, the childish dream of good ole white male christian domination, hatred of other (race, religion, country, etc.). New names will flower for a long time.

  • Robert Scalzi

    Don’t let your guard down folks, teh Tea Baggers are up to their 2nd amendment remedies again .

  • Buffalodavid

    They will never be so gone they will be forgotten, yet they will be harder to remember.

    The support started drying up when Wall Street started noticing they were serious about causing a default. Big business found that they had created a Golem they couldn’t control.

    Old story.

  • Ned F

    There’s always that immovable and unexplainable 28%.

  • OsborneInk

    What a golden opportunity for progressives to come together and help put a wave of Democrats in office. But it’s easier to bitch about Obama, so they’re all going to follow the Dan Choi example instead.

  • Scopedog

    Well, while it sounds great….I’d feel better if the majority of TPers in Congress were voted out in 2012. That’s when I’d breathe a sigh of relief.

    Oh, and it would be great if people like Hamsher and Greenwald would actually spend more time criticizing the Tea Party and the Repubs rather than Obama. Just sayin’….

    • GrafZeppelin127

      Check out this exchange I had with a Firebagger on HuffPo, who responded to my assertion that President Obama was “less concerned with ‘progressive’ ideology than with actual progress.”

      • staci

        I’ll say it again, graf – you have the patience of a saint. It is people like that person that makes ME want to give up. You can’t make them see any other point of view (no matter how many facts you toss their way) although they fully expect you to be open to their “feelings”. Aargh!!!

        • GrafZeppelin127

          Except this person did not acknowledge that he was acting on “feelings.”

          What struck me more than anything else was the repeated incantation about being “taken for granted.” That was my parents’ preferred, boilerplate method of emotional blackmail when I was a kid. I have a visceral reaction when I hear/read that; it really rubs me the wrong way.

      • CBloom

        Yes, you really are a saint. You should teach.

        PBO has been obstructed at every turn. It amazes me that people think he had any chance at all to get anything done. These are the same people who didn’t show up in 2010.

        • GrafZeppelin127

          I used to teach; high school English, for about 13 years.

          • CBloom

            Lucky kids!

      • Scopedog

        Wow–I gotta say, you’ve got a helluva lot of patience and decency to continue to post reasoned responses to that person. I would’ve just quit and not bothered anymore.

      • muselet

        Wow. “I’m angry and I’m tired of being taken for granted but this isn’t about my feelings.”

        As Roy Edroso said recently, in a very different context, “How do people at this negligible level of self-awareness even eat without chewing their own tongues off?”

        Staci’s right: you have the patience of a saint—I suppose years of teaching high school will do that to a person.


  • George

    Wishful thinking…