They Haven't Passed It Yet

Yes, there's a deal. Yes, any deal is a bad deal based on the premise that spending cuts are a terrible idea right now. And yes, there are a growing number of Republicans who aren't going to vote for it.

Republicans are threatening a “sizable GOP defection in the House” while hawkish Sens. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT) have expressed concern about the potential defense cuts.

What's going to happen? The military cuts -- one of the only palatable things about the deal -- will be reduced to get these votes. That is unless the defections are irrelevant and the deal will pass without them.

  • D_C_Wilson

    I can’t say I’m surprised that Lieberman is suddenly jumping into the fray at the eleventh hour. This is the same crap he pulled during the health care debate. Anything to get attention for himself and give the finger to his former party.

  • hielo

    So . . .how do we achieve serious military cuts when our country is controlled by the special interests?

    Yeah. I know. It won t happen.

    • Brutlyhonest

      Any actual military cuts that happen will likely come from the people programs/benefits. This has been a goal for years, but the proposals usually get stomped out quickly. This time, they can blame a Democratic president for hurting the troops so it has a chance. Contractors? They’ll still live like kings.

  • Tim Neuenhaus

    I actually heard this on MSNBC Jansing& Co: Host “Do you think adding defense cuts is really a good thing at a time when our troops might not get paid?”

    She actually asked that…ratings, ratings, ratings!

    • hielo

      Who said that? Palin or Bachman?

      • Tim Neuenhaus

        The MSNBC host, Jansen asked it of a democratic rep.

  • dildenusa

    I logged on to Huff post so I could gloat at the tea party trolls. Guess what I found out. The number of tea party trolls and firebagger trolls are about equal.

    The tea bagger trolls think that 23 freshmen tea bagger representatives in the house is what brought down President Obama. Really? I believe the president compromised for the good of the nation and tea bagger bullies had nothing to do with it.

    • staci

      I believe the president compromised for the good of the nation and tea bagger bullies had nothing to do with it.

      This is the only thing keeping me sane this morning. I’m so angry right now about this entire fiasco that I’m almost to the point where I want either the Congressional Black Caucus or the Progressive Caucus to blow this entire thing out of the water. Would somebody please explain to me why the folks who are most against this deal will be “forced” to vote yes for it while the Tea Party folks who wanted the deal will get off voting no?

      • Tim Neuenhaus

        Insanity at its finest!

    • hielo

      I am not a Firebagger. I support our President.

      But he has to stop acting like a wimp. There is no “compromise” with the murder-suicide Teabaggers. There is no “bipartisanship”!!

      He must say “NO”. Let the idiots fret around, and then, at the last minute, do the best deal he can get.

      This quiet, nice guy approach . . . just gives away too much.

      • nicole

        lol. yeah, hielo, you are a firebagger.

        Who but a Republican or a firebagger calls the pres a wimp and a pussy? Your 2 fav names for him.

  • Grant Beaudette

    I’m to the point where all I care about is how this affects the election. Until the Republicans either wise up and act like adults (fat chance) or are greatly removed from power things are going to keep getting worse.

  • dildenusa

    What hypocrisy on the part of Lieberman. Defense cuts will have little or no affect on readiness or counter insurgency, none what so ever. It’s his self interest in bringing home defense contracts to Connecticut. That’s all. And Graham it’s the same nonsense. I believe South Carolina has several military installations. These people are scum bags.

    • D_C_Wilson

      It’s not about defense contracts for Lieberman. He’s just trying to give his former party another F-U.

      • hanadora444

        Exactly! He’s never forgiven the Democrats for his primary defeat the last time around.

  • nicole

    The deal will likely pass without those votes.