Turn Those Machines Back On!

I suppose begging investors to resist the urge to stop peeing their big-boy underwears and hang tight would be a complete waste of time right now.

The Dow lost 634 points yesterday -- the sixth biggest decline of all time. Overall:

The fear among investors has reached epidemic proportions, with the sell-off erasing $8.1 trillion — or 14.8 percent of market capitalization — from global stock markets since July 24.

Nobody knows what's going to happen next. The Dow will probably open slightly up since vultures tend to fly in looking for bargains, but there's no way of knowing when or if it fall apart.

Suffice it to say, it's remarkable how close we are to another major recession.

But it's more remarkable that there aren't throngs of protesters demanding that all of the Republican conspirators be removed from office.

  • Brutlyhonest

    All that selling sure will mean a lot of income via transaction fees!

    • Guest


    • Maria Elizabeth

      Isn’t that the point of it. It’s their game, they know very well that in order to make money they need to do transactions. Sell, sell, sell, followed by buy, buy, buy! Re-distribution of wealth. The bloodsuckers just keep sucking us try.

  • jdelaneygamc


    I would LOVE to be out there protesting even though I didn’t vote those bastards in, but I am like the majority of the people in that I have to go to work and have to make a living. I am barely making it now. Please tell me, what am I (as the little person) supposed to do to get rid of them? I have called my congressmans office to let them know how I feel. Signed petitions. I feel helpless! It is like watching everything fall apart around one.

    Plus, living here in Virginia, well it’s like living in conservative hell. Everyone I know is barely haning on as it is. What can we do as an individual that might make a difference. I’m certainly willing to listen.

    • Pamela Moore

      I agree totally. The unrest that so many of us feel within will probably erupt one day into more widespread social unrest, probably violent, but I fear by then it will be too late. I don’t understand politics well enough to grasp how a minority (Tea Party) can inject their will on the rest of us, or why that minority seems to vote against their own self-interest (e.g., protecting the wealth of the super rich). I just don’t get it, but I share your feeling of helplessness. I live in GA, so do you think it accomplishes anything at all for me to even call my state Senators? All I get when I do is a letter telling me in so many words that they don’t care what I think — and they don’t. With some exceptions, our nation has basically been on a downward trajectory since Reagan (no coincidence) and it just doesn’t seem like there is anything that we can do about it. Even when a majority of the people actually do manage to agree on something (i.e., end Bush’s tax cuts to the rich), it still doesn’t get done. And although I’m disappointed in Obama, at the same time I’m not too sure what he can do with a Congress that wants to get rid of him so bad that they are willing to take the country down with them. I too am willing to listen, but I’m really discouraged at this point.

      • JackDaniel07

        I echo your frustrations folks. Off I go to work today with my father and my uncle – all 3 of us as tuned in and pissed off as you can be. My sister is as well, recent PoliSci grad @ SUU, Student of the Year and top of her class, she’s fired up right now! But…we all have work to do today, to feed our family tonight, to go to work tomorrow yadayada – no time no coordinated focus or push to “protest”… But then, that *is* the point isnt it?

        Growing more and more cynical by the day here in Sandy Eggo –
        But still, you gotta play the hand yer dealt, and we got dealt 2 parties. We have to, HAVE TO, pick a side and stick to it when the stakes are so high and one side has gone off the rails. There is no middle on Election Day. Get President Obama re-elected and its a new game. We gotta get the $$ outta politics, its our only hope.

  • Shari Benscoter

    Our president won’t even blame the Republican conspirators. Why should the people at this point?

    • nicole

      Complete horseshit. Grow up.

      EDIT: I’m sorry. I am frustrated also, but blaming it on the president is exactly what Republicans want.

      • Shari Benscoter

        I am grown up and I’m frustrated, too. And it’s not complete horseshit. Show me where the president that I worked so hard to elect has fought hard for the things he said he believed. And I didn’t blame it on the president, I just said he isn’t blaming Republicans as he should.

        But feel free to beat up on me for expressing an opinion that a hell of a lot of Obama supporters are expressing. I’m sure that will make us all see the error of our ways.

        • incredulous72

          Shari, we’re all frustrated. However, can you honestly say that the President has not fought for ANYTHING that he said he believed in? Really?

          His list of accomplishments in the short time he’s been in office has been extraordinary, especially considering the enormous battles he’s been having regarding republican opposition. What president in history can you think of that has had such an uphill battle with the opposing party as President Obama has? The real issue is not that President Obama is not doing “enough”; it’s that he’s being obstructed in every direction by an obstinate republican party that is hell bent on getting him out of office, even if it means destroying this country in the process. What other party in American history can you think of that has had an agenda like that?

          • Scopedog

            And hasn’t he BEEN blaming the Republicans? At every news conference he gave during the crisis, was he not always pointing out that it was the GOP that was being a bunch of douches?

            What, does he have to spell it out with f**king Lite-Brite or something?

            I mean, I guess we’re so busy blasting away at him that we’ve taken our eye off the Republicans….

            (Apologies for sounding harsh, but I’m extremely sick and tired of growing bulls**t on some sites that are more about bashing Obama and acting like he hasn’t done s**t while not even trying to go after the Repubs. And don’t get me started with the “both parties are guilty!” meme.)

          • incredulous72

            I agree Scope (was this meant for me, or Shari?).