Wingnuts Freak Out at Fake Paul Krugman

Someone started a fake Paul Krugman account on Google+ (whatever that is) and posted something that wished for more earthquake damage and, subsequently, more spending to repair the damage.

And everyone from The Washington Examiner's Conn Carroll to Jonah Goldberg thought it was the real Krugman. I mean, Goldberg totally riffed on Twitter about it. He sooo totally wanted it to be the real Krugman, he didn't even bother to think that perhaps no one in their right mind would ever seriously say something so awful...


I wonder if any of them remember how the neocons at the Project for a New American Century fantasized about another "Pearl Harbor event" that might instigate an invasion of Iraq.

But that's okay because of evildoers and Bush Was Right and Lee Greenwood and Bring 'Em On.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Wingnuts want to believe the worst in people. Wingnuts want to believe anything they hear that validates their hatred of whomever they’re being ordered to hate by whomever is ordering them to hate.

    • Dan Ferguson

      This is Soooooooo Right!

  • muselet

    High school students would get kicked off of news staff if they failed to confirm a quote. No such fate awaits these shining examples of Right-wing journalism.

    However, the winner in this contest of irresponsible reporting may be National Review Online’s Jonah Goldberg. He sent out numerous sarcastic tweets attacking Krugman for his supposed statement, and has thus far not retracted …

    I try to keep my expectations of the Right as low as possible, and I especially don’t expect much from Lucienne’s kid (Goldberg, for those fortunate enough not to know, is the regular Righty opinion columnist in the LA Dog Trainer). Sometimes, though, my expectations are still too high.

    Nine months to a year from now, the bozos who fell for fake Paul Krugman’s fake quote will insist that the quote really was written by Paul Krugman, and that will animate their election-eve attack on the Obama administration.


  • holyreality

    But they are the victims!

    Krugman likely setup his “false” account with this wish list, so that the right commentariat WOULD fall for it, and viola!(foreign word alert)

    Instant victim.

    No matter what who why or how, the right will always be the victim, and evil libs will always hate America.

  • Michael Schwartz

    Nailed it again, Bob.

  • nicole

    Damn idiots.