Open Thread

An Unproven Theory

Artist - Jimmy Margulies

In other news, The Decider believes he deserves some credit for killing Bin Laden, and the main GOP talking point to be deployed in obstruction of President Obama's jobs plan appears to be labeling it as a "second failed stimulus."

  • Brutlyhonest

    Can’t remember which very serious media member it was on NBC, but during the pre-speech runup it repeated the meme that the first stimulus failed. Stated as fact by a “liberal” reporter.

    • Rick Janes

      It was probably David Gregory — he seems to get his ‘facts’ from RNC press releases.

  • Groobiecat

    Dangit, I did the same darn thing (only a little more overwrought, perhaps):

    What can I say? Great minds think alike (and so do ours!) :D

  • mrbrink

    Oh, fuck off, TheDecider. The Obama administration got Bin Laden just like the Democrats said they were going to do when it was their foreign policy/terrorist fighting platform back in 2004– when John Kerry was running for president. Mobile strike force with the ability to get in and get out for things like taking Bin Laden down has been Democratic party policy for at least the past 7 years. We saw it executed perfectly under president Obama’s order, for better or for worse. But we had to endure all those years of fearmongering deferment chickenhawks parading around with their Reich Wing America flags, as Bush/Cheney stumbled around trying to prove some sadistic daddy-issue cowboy point to all living things and provably better ideas to the contrary.

    He/They should be facing trial for war crimes, not rewriting history.

    And here’s my Rick Perry impression:

    “Fuck the sheep suit! I’m a motherfucking wolf!”

  • Kathy Henry

    The Republican Party is just like my ex: All talk and no action. They had three years to come up with a job proposal and they did not do shit but run their mouths. It will always amaze that people still vote for their trifling asses.

  • OsborneInk

    That “second failed stimulus” is mostly their own proposals. What does that say for them?