President Obama

Bill Clinton Gets It Right

As per usual, Bill Clinton gets it right on almost every subject.

Of particular interest is his response to the notion that President Obama should "panic and fire people" and his response to Hillary's apparent popularity.

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  • Fred

    Don’t get mad, get even:

  • Fred


    Huff Post has recently been overrun by clearly paid blogger operatives, and when I mean overrun, I mean overrun. Hundreds of them, overwhelming all the threads that used to be quite interesting in the debate and information. Starting about 10 days ago, there is hardly space to make a liberal comment, which then draws immediate responses. Quite eerie actually.

    So many new bloggers registered with Huff Post recently and began commenting, using very predictable and repetitive talking points, that it became an absolute stink field.

    I managed to annoy the new “bloggers” enough that they flagged me enough to get me banned from commenting. After more than a year of regular comments! Working on a reinstatement.

    Bob, you should do a story about that, because I am not kidding.

    • GrafZeppelin127

      Fred, I’ve been thinking the same thing; it’s getting harder and harder to read and participate in the comment threads over there, as they’re overrun with Tea- and Firebagger trolls. Nine out of every ten comments are one- or two-sentence wingnut talking points.

      I don’t want to let these people win but I have better things to do than go back-and-forth with nutbars. I’m going to try to stay off HuffPo for a week or so to preserve my sanity.

      • Fred

        Which is what I should have done, because I drew too much attention. 4 days now and Huff P has not responded to my banning. No warning at all!

        Banning me, having others leave, even temporarily, and letting the tro//s in is kind of counter productive.

        • Alan Fors

          I gave up on HuffPo almost a year ago. I occasionaly would read a blog or two by folks I admire. Thankfully Bob cross-posts his stuff here so I don’t have to read it there.

    • jjasonham

      I, too, stopped visiting HuffPost very often for that reason. Posting seems futile, and that was one of the only reasons I would’ve gone there. Paying commenters is a very childish thing to have done, but I would not be surprised. These actions to misinform, stifle debate, and inflate a minority opinion is well recognized by most people, I would think. When the rubber meets the road, and bodies are needed in a place of protest or vote, is all that really matters is that these same people, who are so shielded by anonymity, wouldn’t dare show their face. Those people aren’t exactly mental giants, either. The people doing the “paying” wouldn’t dare try to pay anyone with any sharp intellectual skills or true knowledge of the process, by the way, because they would be outed.

  • Fred

    Carville sleeps with a person that seems to have sipped some of the Tea Party brew. Some apparently has osmotically seeped into his brain.

  • Ferris J. Anderson Jr

    I personally consider the draft Hilary movement a right wing conspiracy to sow discord. Those so called lefties who say things would be different under Hilary don’t remember right wingers burning Hilary in effigy when she was first lady. Nope we got the right guy, and we are gonna keep ‘em.

    • Fred

      Of course it is a right wing attempt to sow discord, but there is little to be had, and the Clinton’s are no dummies.

      Let them waste some time, energy and treasure by leading them along.

    • ranger11

      The whole thing is insane anyway. A sitting Secretary of State is never going to primary a President of their own party. It’s historically idiotic.

    • GrafZeppelin127

      Agreed. Suddenly liberals believe that Hillary Clinton is to the left of Barack Obama?

      Liberals are like teenagers; what they want is always the opposite of what they have.

  • muselet

    If President Obama followed James Carville’s advice, and panicked and fired a lot of people, our wonderful news media—specifically including David Gregory—would spend endless hours yowling about a White House in disarray, the Rs would even more blatantly block every initiative from the administration, and Obama would lose the 2012 election in a landslide. Yeah, that’d be a big help.

    Someone please remind me why anyone takes Carville seriously.

    If Hilary Clinton were president, as I’ve said before, the Right would be throwing the exact same tantrums. The only thing that would be different is that the phrase they almost-but-don’t-quite say when referring to the president would be “white-trash bitch” and not “uppity nigger.”

    The stupid, it burns.


    • ranger11

      Carter fired a bunch of people in the third year of his term. It killed him.

    • CanadaGoose

      Carville just says whatever will get him attention. He’s the Dem’s Sarah Palin.